Dems may use food stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama’s nutrition initiative

Democrats who reluctantly slashed a food stamp program to fund a state aid bill may have to do so again to pay for a top priority of first lady Michelle Obama.

The House will soon consider an $8 billion child nutrition bill that’s at the center of the first lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative. Before leaving for the summer recess, the Senate passed a smaller version of the legislation that is paid for by trimming the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps.

The proposed cuts would come on top of a 13.6 percent food stamp reduction in the $26 billion Medicaid and education state funding bill that President Obama signed this week.

Full story: Dems may use food stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama’s nutrition initiative – TheHill.com

  • mowermike3

    Michelle should get out of the nutrition gig, if she needs something to take up her spare time she should start a program in the inner cities that teaches her kin folk how to get out and get jobs so they can get off of the food stamps and get healthier by working instead of gang banging and standing on the corners selling crack. This would also save some lives because in her hometown of Chicago and cities like New Orleans they’re killing each other by the truckloads.

  • ontap

    Americans want everything immediately. Gone on the days when people had to actually shop and prepare meals. It is easier to buy cooked meals or stop by a fast food facility. Why waste time cooking when you can spend it on social networking sites, watching TV or texting. No amount of money will change the way Americans eat.

  • theprofessor

    “and provide a 6-cent increase for each school lunch to help cafeterias serve healthier meals. The $8 billion House version includes more money for expanding access to school lunches for children in low-income households.”

    Six cents… whoopdeedo. In other words, all talk, no real action. How much farther can “access to school lunches” be expanded? Nearly all the children in our school here already get free lunches and this isn’t exactly a poor part of the country. If we could see the expenditures of this money, I bet the checks are NOT written to any food companies, but instead to some ACORN group.

    • Major_Skidmark

      ACORN gets $4 BILLION to buy elections, kids get 6 cents.

    • emem

      You are so right. All the while those selfless teachers continue to run expensive ads decrying their value, yet have no problem with the kids eating cake.

      Anyone besides me wondering about the school taxes we pay?

      How can anyone be ignorant of nutrition in 2010! The info is everywhere!

  • Momma M

    Judging by the looks of this pos Flotus… The cost of the foodstamps program is about to get LARGER!

    • Major_Skidmark

      When Barry calls her for a booty call is it a toll call?

  • libertyatstake

    Sounds like the “Let Them Eat Cake” bill to me. U just can’t make this stuff up!

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • pepito

    Look, Michelle “Middle Linebacker” Obama is no one to talk okay? This chick is always photoshopped, just like her buddy Oprah. That’s why they look slim in pics but in reality,
    they have the biggest poopers!!! So please Michelle, enough with your “Nanny-ism” and stay the hell away from my kitchen table. You are no one to talk.

    • AuntieMadder

      No doubt. What’s next? A temperance drive led by Biden?

  • Major_Skidmark

    (quote for picture)
    Is that a hoe?

  • rainmaker1145

    You can bet if the Obamas are in the deal it will be a complete grifter gig of colossal corruption from start to finish.

  • Major_Skidmark

    “Trimming the Fat”
    Youz gonna need one he// of a big trimmer to trim MO’s behind.

    • Major_Skidmark

      Simple common sense is all you need. My grandmother was 4′ tall, 4′ wide smoked for 75 years straight. Everything was heavy Polish food swimming in butter. She d.i.e.d at age 89.
      Jim Fix (the runner) d.i.e.d of a heart attack, while jogging.

  • clw

    I’ve got news for these people. 99.9% of us have been bombarded with nutrition advice for the last 25 years. We know what not to eat, and we are now well aware of the millions of “healthy alternatives” that have been forced upon us. How much more of our tax dollars are they going to spend on things that we already know?! People eat what they WANT to eat. Myself included! I exercise 45 minutes every single day, and I’m at optimum weight for my age. I’m having money taken from me to “educate” a bunch of people, most of which know better already. Can we please spend money on something constructive? Like finding people (private sector) JOBS?!!!!

    • Ms. Jones

      The tobacco companies were shaken down for $billions, ostensibly to help the “victims” of unfair marketing practices, but in reality to provide another cash source to keep state budgets in the black. Honestly, is there a soul alive today who does not know smoking is bad for your health? Is there a dime of that money yet unspent? I think that fast food companies are now being set up for the same Chicago-style shake down.

      CLW, no money need be spent to create jobs. Just get the government the heck out of the way, and American entrepreneurs will “git er done”!