Why Dr. Laura should matter to conservatives

I think there are a few reasons why conservatives keep letting this kind of thing happen.

First, unlike the liberal establishment, which fights every skirmish as if it could be decisive (and win many more than they deserve to win), most conservatives don’t understand the significance of losing these types of battles. That conservatives don’t seem to comprehend how allowing Sarah Palin to be unjustly crucified will have serious long-term political consequences for them is truly a mystery to me.

Second, many conservatives are under so much pressure to keep their seats at the table (which, thanks to extreme media bias, are far scarcer than those reserved for their liberal counterparts) that they almost never risk their own position in order to defend another conservative. Conservatives fear that supporting people who have been accused of being racist, corrupt or stupid (the most common charges used to disable conservatives) will likely result in them being branded with the same labels. This is why conservatives are far more likely to throw their own under the bus (see George W. Bush’s reaction to the Trent Lott controversy or Steve Schmidt’s treatment of Sarah Palin) than defend their warriors, even when those warriors have done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, this cowardice perpetuates a negative narrative about the nature of the conservative movement.

Finally, I think that many in the conservative elite are actually happy when they see someone on our side cut down to size. After all, that is one less person ahead of them in the pecking order when it comes to television appearances, speaking engagements and book deals. Unfortunately, the vast majority of powerbrokers within the conservative movement seem to view the movement as more of a business than a crusade.

The bottom line is that if conservatives don’t learn to protect and defend their warriors, there won’t be anyone worthy left to carry our flag.

John Ziegler is currently a documentary filmmaker who most recently released a movie on the 2008 election called, “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.” He has also been in radio talk show host in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Louisville and Nashville. Ziegler has written two books and has appeared live on numerous national television shows including the Today Show, The View, Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC.