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NYT and WaPo circle the wagons

Obama’s in trouble. Whether it’s the economy or the oil spill or the Ground Zero Caring Sharing Togetherness Mosque or whatever else that’s gone wrong for him, his approval ratings are drooping like a 49-year-old man’s pecs. More and more Americans are wondering why they voted for this guy. More and more Americans are getting fed up with the way things are going. More and more Americans are flipping their calendars to November 2010 and 2012 and marking the dates.

You’ll never guess whose fault that is!

New York Times:

In Defining Obama, Misperceptions Stick

Americans need only stand in line at the grocery checkout counter to glimpse the conspiracy theories percolating about President Obama. “Birthplace Cover-Up,” screams the current issue of the racy tabloid Globe. “Obama’s Secret Life Exposed!”

The article claims, without proof, that Mr. Obama uses a phony Social Security number as “part of an elaborate scheme to conceal that he is not a natural-born U.S. citizen…”

Have any other U.S. presidents ever appeared in tabloids? Did the New York Times do stories about it when those presidents’ approval ratings fell?

The NYT then cites a poll saying that 18 percent of Americans think Obama’s a Muslim. Which is ridiculous, because we all know he spent 20 years in a church where he didn’t hear a single thing the preacher said.

Personally, I don’t think Obama has any real religious beliefs at all, because that would entail believing in a power higher than himself. But some people think he does, and apparently that explains why his popularity is fading. Although if that’s the case, it doesn’t explain how he got elected in the first place. But these are questions for people who aren’t as smart as the staff of the New York Times.

Here’s the lede of WaPo’s take on the “You Are Too Dumb to Appreciate Obama” story:

The number of Americans who believe — wrongly — that President Obama is a Muslim has increased significantly since his inauguration and now account for nearly 20 percent of the nation’s population.

The key there is the “wrongly.” Gotta set it apart with em dashes, even! You can almost taste the indignation. I’m surprised they didn’t use bold, italics, and all caps as well. “WRONGLY!!

I don’t blame the news industry for trying to protect their considerable emotional investment in Obama. I understand their pain, their frustration with the common folk and their rustic notions.

The question is… how is it supposed to sell newspapers?

P.S. Matt Welch: “Wait, the Economy Is Lousy and Obama Is Unpopular? How Could That Ever Be?”

P.P.S. Chuck Todd: “The big irony of this story: President Obama is more religious than Reagan or H.W. Bush ever was; in fact, he gets Bible verses sent to his blackberry EVERY DAY.” Excellent point. I’ll bet those two didn’t even HAVE Blackberries!

P.P.P.S. The Associated Press does its best to help.

P.P.P.P.S. After the 2004 election, some lefties branded the U.S. “Jesusland.” Now they’re scrambling to deny rumors that Obama doesn’t love Jesus. Odd, yes?

  • dandapani

    All fluff. It doesn’t matter where he was born or if he is a closet Muslim (“his Muslim faith…”). This man is president of the United States. He has a direction for this country (“this country is headed in the right direction…”). He is trying and succeeding in killing this great country. That’s all that matters. Focus on the issues. Focus on the crushing debt he has compounded. Forget Bush. Remember Obama. Remember in November. We must stop this juggernaut.

  • Lorenzo Poe

    ‘he gets Bible verses sent to his blackberry EVERY DAY’ and that doesn’t make him a Christian anymore than yesterday’s barium enema makes me a nuclear physicist!

  • victorerimita

    The news industry has “a considerable emotional investment in Obama”? Yes, but it is much more than that. The “news” industry was indispensable to his election. They hid his past, or at the very least assiduously avoided airing it. The covered for him, they glamorized him, they attacked Palin (and still do.) I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say they were largely responsible for constructing the mythical figure that fooled so many American voters, to their everlasting shame.

    In doing so, the “news” industry, which of course has not been a news industry for a long time now, has staked the very last shreds of its credibility on Obama. They sold him to us, and now we see through the scam, in ever larger numbers. That means we also see through them at long last, and they must know it at some level.

    What will be intersting to watch is to what degree, and how quickly, they turn on him, as their remaining customer base of faith-based Regressives turns on Obama. This has already begun, and we see lefty organs already starting to dish him up a bit. The media may have lost everyone else, but don’t they have to hang on to the faithful? At the same time, they will reveal themselves as having been colosally wrong about Obama and therefore lose their last shreds of seriousness.

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  • osweet

    I’m an agnostic, so “like I care,” but …
    The unspeakable truth is that Obama probably is or was technically Muslim, either via being sired by a Muslim man (regardless of supposed subsequent renunciation), or via having been raised for several years by a Muslim stepfather and living in his Muslim-dominant country.
    The unspeakable truly scary thing though is that if the message goes out in the Muslim world that he was Muslim and flipped to Christianity, he’s toast in hookah shops and durka caves worldwide. To them he’s not misguided, like your typical Christian, he’s an apostate, the worst of the worst (besides the Jews), and therefore subject to having his head hacked off by a cleric.

  • cottonmouth

    Birthplace coverup? That’s nothing. I remember an ongoing tabloid series about Hillary Clinton having sex with extraterrestrials. I think that GWB was only “negotiating” with them at the time.

  • libertyatstake

    “…drooping like a 49-year-old man’s pecs…”

    Hey, easy …

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • emem

    Only the NYT and WAPO would consider themselves “right” and well the rest of us nincompoops who need their clarification.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Monty-Miller/25304777 Monty Miller

    RE: “in fact, he gets Bible verses sent to his blackberry EVERY DAY.”

    That doesn’t prove anything. I get emails from Chuck Todd’s email list all the time. Never read any of ’em.

    • ABC2001

      And I used to subscribe to the daily White House drivel and the Huffington Post, but I was definitely not in agreement with either source.