Colo. Gov. Ritter turns to medical-marijuana fund to help balance budget

He opposed it as Denver’s district attorney, but Gov. Bill Ritter is now turning to medical marijuana to heal the state budget.

The plan Ritter announced Monday to bridge a nearly $60 million shortfall in the current budget year relies on $9 million from the state’s Medical Marijuana Program Cash Fund, financed by fees on patients who get cards to use medical pot. With the number of applicants for medical-marijuana cards expected to double to 150,000 this year, there will still be about $1 million left in the fund even after $9 million is swept from it.

Ritter, a Democrat, said that no matter what he thought about medical marijuana as a prosecutor when voters approved it under Amendment 20 in 2000, it’s legal now, and he has a budget to balance.

“I was not in favor of medical marijuana, but I’m also a lawyer and the governor,” Ritter said, “and I believe in the law. And it’s the law in this state.”

The state used $3 million from the fund last year to help balance the budget. Even so, Ritter said using the pot money was just a one-time solution.

Full Story: Ritter turns to medical-marijuana fund to help balance Colorado budget – The Denver Post


  • Sproing

    It never ends does it. Spend more then we have, take from funds that were sold to the public as being set-up for a worthy long term good in order to cover the shortfalol, and years later those funds too will have to be retored by stealing from something else the social experimenters have dreamed up.

    Not enough money for _______________________________(fill in the blanks) then set-up a lottery with a slim to none chance of anyone really winning but a sure way to fleece the poor and soon to be poor out of their last dime. Then take those funds and spend them on something other then the good they were intended for. Legalize drugs and use the fees to supposedly help those who then become addicted, but divert that money to something else at the firsat sign of trouble.

    Why not? At the federal level LBJ did it with Social Security by dumping it in the general fund where Congress could empty it and fill the “Fund” with their worthless IOU’s. The states are just following their lead afterall.

    Why is it that the ten most troubled cities in America are all governed by Democrats and have been in some cases for decades? Why is that the African-Americans (who came up with that way of dividing people) are for the most part worse off today across the entire country then they were only regionally in the South before 1964? Are their lives any better economically and socially after 50years of liberal Democrat handouts, set asides, and billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars poured into the creation of one slum after another?

    We are losing our way as Americans who live in a country that is unique in the history of the world and in the history of governance. A country that placed the highest value on individual rights and individual liberties and on the ability of the INDIVIDUAL to chart his or her own course to achieve their own definition of the American dream. The governments only job was and is to protect that way of life from foreign invaders and to protect the majority from the dictatorship of any powerful minority.

    We are the answer, not Obama, not Washington, not any one man or organization.

  • btrask3

    OK… that makes sense!

    If Colorado is short on cash, why not sell drugs?

    You know, to bring in a little extra money to help feed the family.

    This is cool, a former District Attorney actually promoting marijuana distribution!


    What a great example to set for all the struggling families out there who are having trouble making ends meet!

    Do you hear what the Governor is saying people… if you need some extra cash, just help distribute more marijuana!

    • jdkchem

      You might try reading before you make ignorant comments.

  • baal

    I think as we head towards November we may find more and more Dems doing things that actually make sense for the American people –and not just for the fulfillment of their stupid left wing ideology.