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Ed Schultz has a show on MSNBC, which is on cable

I’m explaining this because there’s no reason to expect you to remember either fact. Here is a picture of Ed Schultz to jog your memory:

Hi, America! I'm ready for you to start loving me any second now! Go ahead, then. Love me. LOVE ME! WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME???

Well, maybe he’s got a great personality.

What’s that you say, Page Six? He really really doesn’t?

MSNBC talk show screamer Ed Schultz had a meltdown in the network’s 30 Rock newsroom, shouting at staff, “I’m going to torch this [bleep]ing place.”

The hot-tempered anchor of “The Ed Show” lost it during a phone call in the packed studio and slammed down the phone before exploding.

As astonished MSNBC staff members fell silent, Schultz glared around the room and yelled, “[Bleep]ers!”

A witness told us, “Ed was furious the network was running election-night promos and he wasn’t in them. He’d been arguing on the phone with marketing, then he slammed down the phone and exploded. It was like Mel Gibson had entered the newsroom.”

Except people actually used to like Mel Gibson.

Fuming Schultz was immediately dragged in for a meeting with NBC News President Steve Capus and MSNBC President Phil Griffin following his Aug. 12 meltdown.

Our source added, “Schultz was told: ‘If you do that again, you are fired.’ He broke down crying.”

Now see, Schultz needs to start saving this stuff for when he’s on the air. Maybe then people would actually start watching him. It’s done wonders for Glenn Beck!

P.S. If you’re skeptical that somebody as calm and collected as Ed Schultz is capable of such an outburst, Inside Cable News offers a piece of corroborating evidence from Morning Joe on Aug. 13, the day after the alleged incident:

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

  • jrowekamp

    I believe that it was Joe Scarborough who made the “I’m going to torch this place” in the top clip. Willie Geist is there and so is Chris J who was filling in last week for Mika. Plus, you can hear Willie say, “Joe, you can’t walk away”.

  • tinteardrop

    Hair on fire, eyes bulging, spittle flying and neck veins bulging…how long can he keep from simply exploding? Sounds like a candidate for his own “psycho-talk” segment.

    I like Brett Baier’s show but will sometimes take a peek at Ed during commercials. It’s unwatchable and he must wonder why he bothers.

    • TxGold

      I watch him during commericals, also. I turn on closed captions so that I don’t have to listen to him! He is truly ‘hung-up’ on Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Might as well be on comedy cntrl.

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  • aimtomisbehave

    If Ed Schultz’s ratings are “on fire”, it’s only because someone is burning them down for the insurance money.

  • d1carter

    Have they reported any fires at 30 Rock? I bet Capus has people following Ed around with fire extinguishers…

  • ArianaHuffingPaint

    Still can’t believe this is the guy that invented [bleep]ing SNOOPY.


      Wrong Schultz

      Peanuts creator died 10 years ago.

      Charles Schulz


    • jonavark

      lol.. it was a joke..

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Martin/100000109490451 Jeff Martin

      I don’t think Ed actually “invented” (bleep)ing Snoopy but I think he’s the only one with a sex tape of the two of them.

      • theprofessor

        5,498 thumbs up for you!

  • csm53

    So is Comcast going to use MSNBC as a tax write off when they take over? That’s the only reason I can think of to keep a money/ratings loser.

  • theneighborhoodguy

    How do his numbers stack up to PerkykatieK’s? MSN-BS is circling in the potty bowl. Who’d they trot out to fill his slot? Thinning an already thin herd of goats can’t be all baaaaad…can it?

    • Kerrvillian

      Infomercials for DVDs of paint drying have better ratings than Ed Schultz.

  • Cam Winston

    //Well, maybe he’s got a great personality.//

    Oh, sure, smite me if I use that same line yesterday but it’s okay for you. :)

    • Jim Treacher


    • jonavark

      yeah.. occurred to me also.. sexism. pure and simple.

    • theprofessor

      “smite”…haha, is a word that is NOT used enough.

      • Kerrvillian

        Really? I hear it all the time in Texas.

        “Is UT going to make it to the play offs this year?”

        “They ju smite!”

        • theprofessor

          HAHAAHHA….”Yuanto?” “Shoredu!”