Obama’s green initiatives lobbied for by the same people who profit from them

Kish continued by explaining how this is the “Tanya Harding approach to energy.”

“The president wants to make green energy be profitable,” he said. “The only way to do that is break the leg of other types.”

But that will only create a “green-energy bubble,” said Kish. “When the government money dries up, the product will dry up.” In the meantime, he added, the government subsidies will cause the price of electricity to skyrocket.

“Every recession has been preceded by a spike in energy costs,” he said.

But examples of stimulus money being directed to companies that will ultimately effect KPCB’s bottom line doesn’t end with electric car companies or battery plants. Other KPCB companies that can be added to the list are AltaRock Energy, which received $25 million in grant money; Bloom Energy, which reportedly received $5 million to develop its “Bloom Box” in addition to a government contract to order the box; and MiaSole, Thin-Film Solar, which received more than $100 million in tax credits.

But none of those benefits would be possible for these so-called “green” companies if it weren’t for the prime individual movers in the green movement. People like KPCB partners Al Gore, Ellen Pao (who also sits on the board of the left-leaning “green” think tank Apollo Alliance), Ray Lane, and KCPB “in-house advisor” Colin Powell, to name a few, consistently lobby the Obama administration to end the use of fossil fuels, pass carbon taxes, and provide government support to things like wind turbines and electric cars.

What is never mentioned is that once these policies are passed, their supporters often personally profit.

“To be sure it is as crony as any other form of faux-capitalism, but the nuance is important,” said Horner. “It isn’t so much ‘I’ll underwrite your campaign if you’ll underwrite my investments.’ It’s ‘I’ll underwrite your campaign because I know you’ll underwrite my investments.’ They are co-dependent, and loving it.”

As a result, the government is using taxpayer money to invest in “green” initiatives – a victory for KPCB-types and environmental groups.

“The left has won the policy battle through the corporate door,” said Borelli. He also said it is an example of how the left can be just as much in bed with “Big Business” as the right can.

“If you get corporations to lobby, you win. End of story,” he said. “The strategy of the left here is brilliant. They have turned an adversary into a lobbyist…They lobby for huge budgets, then feed off them like parasites.”

When asked about the criteria used to pick companies to award government grants to, a spokesperson for the DOE referred TheDC to the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act page on the DOE’s website.