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CNN = Conceivably, Nobody’ll Notice

Courtesy of Inside Cable News, here’s a screencap from CNN’s coverage of that Glenn Beck rally you might have heard about:

How many mistakes can you spot in this picture?

At some point Sarah Palin changed her name to Sara, revealed that she secretly ran for president, and transformed into a pudgy, overcaffeinated dude with a crewcut. And CNN has the exclusive!

In other Washington rally news: Al Sharpton has gone from the Million Man March to the Dozen Dude Dud.

P.S. Glenn Beck Rally Picture Guaranteed to Drive Media Crazy

  • Kerrvillian

    Facts are irrelevant to CNN.

    That’s why CNN is becoming irrelevant.

  • RM

    In a few years the media will not have to bother getting the name “Sarah” correct. They can just call her President Palin.

  • sarainitaly

    they are The Best Political Team on Television, don’t ya know….

  • hogwild

    That’s not Palin, she doesn’t have a gun…. (snark)