Glenn Beck’s ‘Divine Destiny’ event focuses on faith

Television star Chuck Norris also made a guest appearance at the event with his wife, Gena, who, when he was on stage, he referred to as his “prayer-warrior.” Norris quoted many of the nation’s Founding Fathers’ writings as a way to show their support for faith in the United States.

“What does it take to get me and Gena off our ranch in Texas?” Norris asked the crowd. “An order of Congress? No — only God or Glenn Beck.”

Vietnam War veteran Dave Reever said he thinks God has a plan for America and praised all American troops, past and present, for their work protecting the country.

“There’s a reason the Taliban doesn’t have a grenade rolling down that aisle right now and there’s a reason al Qaeda doesn’t have a truck bomb out in the parking lot right now,” Reever said. “That reason is the United States of America.”

Beck wrapped up the night with a plea to the audience to take action and reclaim the nation’s honor.

“America is at a crossroads,” Beck said. “Every one of us is here for a reason. Tomorrow, I’m going to challenge you to figure out what it is. We are 12 hours away from fundamentally changing the United States of America.”