10 questions with conservative comedian Nick Di Paolo

6.) You were living in New York during the 9/11 attacks. Where do you stand on this Ground Zero mosque?

As far as that goes I say, yeah you can build there…That’s fine, but since when is this cultural exchange thing a one-way street? You can build a mosque at Ground Zero if we can build a Hooters in downtown Mecca — thirteen stories high and we can share the PA system at 5:00, “ḥayya alal-falah la hawla and a hot wings special.”

7.) Being from Boston, what do you think of this whole Roger Clemens snafu?

Clemens is the only guy I know who took steroids for years and his balls got bigger. I mean come on. He’s facing 30 years for perjury. A lot of people have done it, and don’t get me wrong, if he did he should go to jail. But you know Congress has been lied to more times than Carmella Soprano.

If he is going to do any jail time though, his cellmate better be Charlie Rangel or Maxine Waters.

8.) Your business is dominated by liberals. Which of your liberal peers irks you the most? Janeane Garofalo? Bill Maher?

It’s funny Janeane, to me, has just gone off the rail. I can’t even take her seriously. It kind of hurts to see. I was never close friends with her, but I watched her come up as a female comic in Boston and I always appreciated the balls she had on stage. But she wasn’t really preachy back then. I still consider her a marginal friend, but I hear the sh*t she says and, you know, just want to ring her neck.

Bill Maher, look I can’t stand his politics, but I can appreciate any comedian who can stay relevant. But then again it  isn’t that hard to do when you lean that far left in this business. Same with “The Daily Show,” it doesn’t take any courage.

9.) Has being a conservative in show business hurt your career in any way?

People always ask why there aren’t a lot of really big conservative comedians but I think the deck is stacked against that and I doubt it will ever happen in my lifetime.

Look what [Comedy Central] turned into. They took that show [the more conservative] “Tough Crowd” off the air and put liberal shows like “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” on instead.

I’ve gotten more outspoken about politics. Recently I recorded an hour DVD in front of 600 people and have been shopping it around to HBO, but they won’t give it the time of day — “that’s too much for us” they say. They don’t come out and say it’s too conservative, but you know what they mean. And it’s not just me who’s facing this stuff.

Look, to be a conservative comic you’re going to poke fun at feminists and gays — politically incorrect stuff — but it is just too taboo these days. For the last few years the media has just gotten so politically correct, and I mean it’s not just the news. It is throughout the media. Just look at how white heterosexual men are portrayed as compared to women and minorities. And that is why I don’t think you are ever going to see a conservative comic as famous as Jon Stewart on the right. As Colin Quinn says, “it’s so big it’s not a conspiracy.”

  • theocracy

    So, Caroline, if Nick DiPaolo is the conservative, modern-day Roy Rogers, does that make you the conservative, modern-day Trigger? After all, you do sort of seem like a horse’s ass. I believe you may have meant Will Rogers, and I doubt he ever met you, or Tucker, or many of your ilk.

    By the way, it’s nice to know that Nick loves Latinos, and that they “work very hard”. Sort of like how all Scotsmen are cheap, I figure is what he means.

    And I have to give him credit for one thing he’s right about. Jews really weren’t climbing fences to get into the concentration camps. They were actually trying to flee a government and a country that was categorically attempting to annihilate them. We’re not there yet, but folks like you can keep a good thought.

    In Massachusetts, we have a term for people like Nick (and curiously, a lot of them seem to come from the North Shore); it’s Massholes.

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  • independentvoter

    I don’t remember ever hearing of this guy but I DO like his answers.. many use some of them when confronted with the same questions.. like illegals..Mosque.. so true yet funny.. Well at least I know what happened to Comedy Central.. I use to like the show now I haven’t watched it in well over a year.. the only time I tune in is when they have reruns of FOXWORTHY and clan.. Isn’t someone starting a conservative station with conservative actors/comedians? That guy who played on FRAZIER.. maybe we can start getting some decent shows on the television although it will cost since television is no longer FREE unless you want only the propaganda stations.. What we could use is a list of CONSERVATIVE actors so we can seek out and support those shows and movies..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bart-Miller/513171169 Bart Miller

    On page 4 the link to his website (nickdip.com) is broken.

    • Caroline May

      Thanks for the heads up. We’ll fix that right away!

  • fasteddy

    Whatever happened to crossfire anyways

  • obumbler

    I have heard Nick on Stern. Funny guy. I’ll have to give him more time now.