Feingold’s race is a bellwether for GOP Senate hopes

WEST ALLIS, Wis. — Senator Russ Feingold says he should not be considered the front-runner in his bid for a fourth term. If that self-appraisal is true, Democrats face a greater risk of losing their majority in the Senate than they believed when summer began.

“Frankly, I love being the underdog,” Mr. Feingold said. “Let me have it.”

As the senator talks to voters across Wisconsin, that description is perhaps an exaggeration for an incumbent with a national reputation, but it has become a central part of his pitch. He is not eager to concede that control of the Senate could hinge on his seat — though it very well could — but he hopes the warning cry will prompt his loyal Democratic followers to rally to his side in a challenging election year.

“Clearly if somehow I lost, it would be a sign that we’re getting close to the line,” Mr. Feingold said in an interview on a recent day of campaigning. “We won’t lose, but it is something that is legitimate for me to mention — this seat could determine things.”

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  • Dafney

    Feingold says, “Clearly if ‘somehow’ I lost”…..meaning “How could I “POSSIBLY” lose???? Here’s ANOTHER one who HAS to go! Remember McCain-Feingold? They’re in the same league and the same senate that has PERMANENTLY STALLED Audit the FED, despite an overwhelming vote for it in the HOUSE.

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  • notyourtypicalnewyorker

    “Frankly, I love being the underdog,” Mr. Feingold said. “Let me have it.”

    Sure ya’ do Russie boy, yea, This is called, been given lemons and trying to make lemonade.

    You deserve to go down Feingold…. HARD…real hard!