Dick Armey suggests DeMint for 2012

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint is on former House majority leader Dick Armey’s list of Republicans he could support for president in 2012.

Asked during a panel discussion Friday night on the Tea Party movement to name several leaders he would like to see challenge President Obama, he also listed Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

“There’s no shortage of good people,” said Armey, the chairman of FreedomWorks, a free-market group helping to organize this weekend’s Tea Party 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington.

Armey also suggested that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is not his ideal candidate in 2012. “There’s nobody from Alaska on my list,” he said.

He did, however, go on to say that he’d prefer Palin as president to the White House’s current occupant.

His comments came during a discussion titled “Examining the Tea Party” at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. with The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson, the New York Times’ Kate Zernike and Harvard professor Jill Lepore.

  • Brearcliffe

    The “establishment” and the new blood Tea Partiers need to get together. We need not pick unnecessary fights. We in the GOP need to run campaigns that are fair and square, where we do not give the other side ammunition for the general election, and then the loser must support the winner. That’s how majorities are made. While I would rather have 100 Coburns and DeMints in the Senate, I’m willing to have 51 with a few Snowes and Castles right now if need be. This may be the year that a candidate like O’Donnell can be carried across the finish line in November so it is worth a shot, but the campaign insults on both sides (Castle/O’Donnell) need to be taken down a notch. Save it for the democrats.

  • SteveM

    It looks like Dick Armey’s and Matt Kibbe’s FreedowWorks is a Beltway parasite feeding off the Tea Party movement. Based on the FreedowWorks IRS 990 2008 filing, Armey was paid $550,000 for working 23 hours a week, Kibbe was paid $279,000 for working 22 hours a week. Moreover, they apparently spent over $250K on First Class travel and $400,000 for office space.

    What those guys have done is set up a boutique K Street operation to ostensibly fight the K Street paradigm. Hah! After they “fight” for the little guy, they sashay over to the convenient Caucus Room or Capital Grill for thick steaks and cocktails.

    Tea Party movement is supposed to be outside in, not inside in. If the idea of the Tea Parties is to minimize inside baseball, why should their front men get paid inside baseball salaries? Seems to me the Tea Party coordinating organizations should be set up anyplace but Washington and staff themselves prudently.

    But that’s the way the system works. And because Armey is inside baseball, the MSM anoints FreedomWorks as the authentic voice of the Tea Party movement. Two things really get me. FreedomWorks is a talking head organization with no operational responsibility. All Armey and Kibbe have to do is show up and gasbag. Two Beltway Bandits getting over $800K for that? And what really gets me is that these organizations have “Donate” links on their web pages. So they are inducing paycheck to paycheck Joe Sixpack to send his precious beer money to subsidize Armey’s champagne and caviar lifestyle. Because of course Joe never sees the 990 filings. Pathetic.

    I happen to think that the Tea Party movement is well intentioned but philosophically inchoate. Nevertheless, the Tea Parties are being co-opted right under their noses in real time by Beltway Bandits like Armey and Kibbe. What a racket.

    BTW, the last FreedomWorks IRS 990 filing available is 2008. I’m sure those guys are not making any less money now.

    • jackphat

      As a member of a Tea Party I have my reservations about FreedomWorks. Dick Armey may be well intentioned but I’m not so sure Tea Party groups across the nation are jumping on board totally.

      • SteveM

        I appreciate your motivation. Unfortunately, Armey is only well intentioned when he’s living fat, happy and large on the little guys’ dough. He’d drop the Tea Party movement like a bag of dirt if the big money went away.

        You guys should explicitly dump the Beltway Bandits like Armey and Kibbe ASAP and grow your own leadership who are not in it for the money.

  • sunnyr

    Good Ol’ Boy’s Club is hereby dismantled and no longer exists. Except in the minds of the Good Ol’ Boys!

    A new day is coming. We the People will choose the candidates. Not the Republican hierarchy. They had their chance for decades and all they did was breed corruption and special deals for “special” people. Pfft! It’s over.