Cornyn refuses to discuss whether he will support O’Donnell if she wins primary

For Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, not all hypotheticals are created equal.

Cornyn, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, refused to discuss whether his organization would support Tea Party-backed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell if she wins the Republican nomination tonight over Rep. Mike Castle, saying that he would not “respond to a hypothetical.”

But when discussing past state elections in which established Republicans are challenged by Tea Party candidates, Cornyn had no trouble saying he would support whichever Republican wins the nomination. When Joe Miller ran against sitting Sen. Lisa Murkowski in last month’s Alaska primary, Cornyn reportedly called Miller and said he would support the Republican in the general election. In April, Cornyn said the same thing about the Arizona Republican Senate primary race between Sen. John McCain and former Rep. J.D. Hayworth.

But Cornyn would not say the same when asked about O’Donnell.

“I’m not going to answer that question because it’s a hypothetical,” he told reporters Tuesday afternoon. “I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow, how about that?”

When asked a few hours earlier if the NRSC would put money behind O’Donnell if she were the candidate, Cornyn told CNN, “I think we’ll have to have a little powwow,” suggesting that there was not yet a consensus in the organization as to whether to put money behind her candidacy in the general election.

Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Senate’s top Republican, however, told MNSBC that he would support O’Donnell if she won the election. “I’m going to support the nominee,” McConnell said.

A recent poll put the Delaware Republican primary at a statistical dead heat. A Public Policy Polling survey on Monday showed O’Donnell to be three percentage points ahead of Castle. When put up against Democratic nominee Chris Coons in hypothetical match-ups, a Rasmussen poll shows O’Donnell trailing by 11 points, while the survey has Castle winning by the same number.

Polls in Delaware close tonight at 8:00 PM ET.

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  • paradelife

    Palin won Governor of Alaska without the GOP establishment…just sayin’.

  • sorebird

    The Dims know how to treat their union supporters, by giving them everything they want, I guess the Republican party can either learn to do the same or their supporters may just have to join a union to be heard by a political party.

    I wonder if John will be able to support Jim Demint fro president in 2012.

  • barnone

    @The_anniebanannie – not the guy and the NRSC are bums because she was good enough for them to back in 2008 when she had no chance to beat Joe “BiteMe” Biden, but won’t back her today.

    It is petty.

    Castle had already given Harry Reid his word that if he won, he would vote for Cap and Trade. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

  • Idahosauce

    Here’s an idea John….BACK THE REPUBLICAN!!! Damn these guys…..

  • sunnyr

    Cornyn and a few more of the “establishment good ol’ boys” can be on their way out too. They all should be very afaid.

    Go Tea Party!

  • savage24

    If I was O’Donnell I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an endoresment from that progressive Republican Cornyn. My advice to her is to keep her powder dry and her back covered when she is around RINO’s like him. I’m hoping that every one of the Teaparty candidates win. My God would that shake those hallowed halls of congress. This country needs some young blood and Cornyn sure as hell ain’t it.

    • The_anniebanannie

      So now Cornyn is a “progressive” just because he didn’t fall head over heels for O’Donnell? The man has a 2009 rating with the ACU of 100%! Seriously, you can’t preach you’re for conservative values then call one of the most conservative guys on Capitol Hill a progressive just because he didn’t lockstep behind ya.

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