Tea Party Nation: grassroots candidate shocks establishment GOP candidate in Delaware

It’s official: the Tea Party takeover of the Republican Party is in full effect.

The candidate favored by the conservative grassroots in Delaware shocked a candidate backed by the national party, and in New Hampshire the Tea Party candidate was in a neck and neck race. The results leave no doubt — on the heels of previous Tea Party upsets in Alaska, Nevada and Utah — that anti-establishment, anti-Washington sentiment around the country is boiling over and a threat to Republicans as much as Democrats.

Christine O’Donnell, a conservative talking head, will now be the Republican nominee in Delaware for the U.S. Senate. In New Hampshire, businessman Ovide Lamontagne was a few hundred votes behind attorney general Kelly Ayotte in that state’s primary, in a race that looked likely to go down to the wire.

But it was hard to understate the impact or the shock of O’Donnell’s win.

As recently as two weeks ago, O’Donnell was barely a blip on the radar screen, and Rep. Mike Castle — who has held elected office in Delaware for nearly 30 years — was virtually assured to replace Vice President Joe Biden in the Senate, handing the GOP one of 10 seats they need to take control of the upper chamber.

In one fell swoop, all that has changed, at least according to the conventional wisdom, and a GOP takeover once again looks out of reach after becoming a perceived possibility in the last month or so. Castle led Democratic nominee Chris Coons, a county executive from New Castle County, by a comfortable margin in the polls. O’Donnell has trailed Coons by roughly 10 points in three recent polls.

“There goes the Senate,” said one Republican operative succinctly.

Karl Rove, the former Bush White House political maestro, agreed, saying on Fox News: “This is not a race we’re going to be able to win.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued a clipped statement congratulating O’Donnell on her win, but told the Daily Caller that they would not be spending money in Delaware, at least for now.

“Republican candidates currently lead in 7 Democrat-held seats and are tied or within the margin of error in 4 additional states, with West Virginia rapidly coming into that picture,” a NRSC official said. “As of now, Christine O’Donnell trails Chris Coons by double-digits in a deep blue seat.”

“If she can begin to close that gap … then that will warrant a closer look. But right now, there are only a limited number of resources with a large number of states,” the official said.

Some at the O’Donnell rally seemed eager to take on the GOP even more than they did the Democrats. A leader of the Tea Party movement in Delaware, Russ Murphy of the 9/12 Delaware Patriots, made clear how much disregard he had for Washington Republicans in brief remarks from the stage after O’Donnell’s upbeat and cheery victory speech.

Murphy, a Vietnam veteran, told the crowd a story of how Rove came to Delaware a year ago and asked his group to support and work with the national Republican party, and to get behind a candidate that was electable.

“I interrupted Mr. Rove and I said, ‘Sir, with all due respect, we won’t endorse the party,” Murphy said. “No one is going to tell us how to take care of business.”

“If they can’t hear us now they got a big problem,” Murphy said of the national GOP.

But in Washington, Republicans were focusing their discontent on one of their own. A high-ranking GOP aide unleashed a blistering criticism of Sen. Jim DeMint, the South Carolina Republican who on Friday endorsed O’Donnell and Lamontagne, the latest example of his willingness to buck his party.

“I hope Senator DeMint is enjoying his short-lived victory tonight because many Republicans look forward to when he has to look his colleagues in the eye post-November 2nd and explain why he helped cost them a critical Republican vote,” the GOP aide said. “Clearly, he’s doing a great job achieving his arrogant goal of 30 pure Senate seats instead of a Republican majority. I’m sure Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer appreciate his hard work.”

DeMint, however, exuded only confidence and command in the statement issued to the press by his political action committe, Senate Conservatives Fund.

“I want to congratulate Christine on her remarkable victory tonight,” DeMint said. “She came from behind and won this race because of her unwavering support for the principles of freedom. She wasn’t afraid to stand up to the establishment and she overcame some pretty nasty attacks.”

“Now it’s time for all Republicans to unite behind Christine so she can go on to win in November,” he said.

A spokesman for DeMint said that, in fact, the senator’s PAC would try to pick up the fundraising slack left by the NRSC. DeMint spokesman Matt Hoskins said the SCF would aim for $174,000 over the next week as a start, as first reported by The Weekly Standard.

NEXT: The impact of the Delaware election on a lame duck session, and Dems are jubilant

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  • libertyatstake

    November cometh, Lefties. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • moira1987

    “I’m going to be very honest with you — Mike Castle Chris Coons, everybody knows him in the Democratic caucus. He’s my pet. He’s my favorite candidate.”
    –Harry Reid

  • moira1987

    It’s amusing to see the Lefties on here championing the cause of Mike Castle, even though one of their normal taunts against the GOP is that it is the party of “old white men.” And they wonder why they aren’t taken seriously? lol How DARE Delaware Republicans nominate a woman!

    • truebearing

      The left’s only hope is in fomenting discord between Republicans and Tea Partiers. It is the primary tactic they use for everything. Divide and conquer.

      It’s time for the right to start acting like they are smart enough to see that the left is amplifying every sign of discord, and realize that the left has used division on the right forever. How many times will it take for certain knotheads on the right to see squabbling over power is selfish, and selfishness is the domain of leftists. Conservatives are supposed to be for the good of the nation, not their own political fortunes.

      • moira1987

        Exactly right!

  • SamAdams25

    What good would it do to have another Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins in the Senate? None.

    We the People of the Tea Party have not become activated only to become pawns of the GOP. Yes, we strongly oppose the policies and agenda of the “progressives” (socialists), but we will no longer tolerate condescension from either party. We will no longer accept the “shut up, we know better than you” attitude from either party. We will no longer tolerate being ignored, or treated like unruly children. We will not sit down and shut up, and we’re not going to go away.

    Message to the GOP: No more business as usual. We will no longer be content to accept whatever you offer us. We will choose our own representatives, those who will truly represent OUR interests, rather than those of the party bosses. That is how our representatives were intended to be elected. You can either accept and embrace us, or try to make due without us.

    • des1

      Well, if you want to get anything past Obama (including a repeal of Obamacare), you’ll need 60 Senators. Now that that’s not a possibility, I’m sure you’ll be happy with accomplishing nothing over the next two years.

      • moira1987

        It’s a big assumption that O’Donnell can’t win in November. A couple of days she couldn’t possibly win the primary, either. It’s amazing to see fellow Conservatives endorsing the views of the Left.

        • The_anniebanannie

          Exactly where did des “endorse the views of the left”?

          • moira1987

            Well, first of all it’s not just about what he said in this particular post but all of them. The common denominator is that he and others are supporting the meme that “O’Donnell can’t win.” That’s a talking point of the Left and I expect to hear them say things like that. Just like I expect them to make crude jokes about O’Donnell’s personal beliefs. But I don’t appreciate people on my side of the discussion playing along with that.

            I don’t see the value of Conservatives repeating and supporting the Left’s talking points. The fact of the matter is that O’Donnell IS the nominee. So why on earth would Conservatives actively work towards defeating her in the general election?

          • The_anniebanannie

            Well, des certainly doesn’t need me defending him, but I will point out that he’s said many times that he is not a conservative – he is an moderate independent. I’m also not speaking for him, but I get the feeling we are thinking alike when it comes to the stifling of free speech being advocated by some of the O’Donnell supporters here. One thing I loath about the left is that their first tactic to win an argument or to get their way in a situation is to use the “shut up, that’s why” reasoning. That’s what’s being used here by the conservatives….either agree or else and when we ask questions, we’re being told “shut up, that’s why”. It’s disgusting and it’s not the way conservatives are supposed to act.

          • RoadtoFREEDOM

            Annie, there is a nuance here, at least in this thread.

            I, too, have seen what you are talking about in the primary when O’Donnell supporters were clashing with conservatives who were in favor of Castle purely because he could win, not because of his RINO positions. The primary was brutal and I agree, debate should have been more civil.

            But HERE, we are past the primary and it is time to unify – which doesn’t mean ‘shut up’, it just means, there is no point in continuing to debate whether Christine should have been the nominee. That’s spilt milk… and now our every step needs to focus on the common enemy, that democrat with the racist name, lol.

            I am not from DE and was torn about whether the pro-Castle electibility or end the RINO pollution strategy was better. I respect aspects of both sides, and I am content with the outcome because in this election cycle, big government weenies of both D and R variety should be tossed out.

            We have almost NO shot of reaching a 60 member majority in the Senate this year, but we could add to our gains this year in 2012 when a huge number of Democrats will be defending seats… and by not having a supermajority big enough to override vetoes, there is some value to not having a majority any larger than necessary to safely filibuster any stupid legilsation… GIVEN that we have all but won the HOUSE, where legislation and budgets would be crushed anyway.

            So why NOT get rid of Castle, who voted for Captax and has ties to Soros and supported that free speech killing bill?

            Again, we could argue ‘why not’, but now that Christine IS the pick, I see no value in tearing her down.

            Her opponent is a weak radical Marxist D in state that is NOT that far left – so in a year where most are afraid of the far left agenda, I think even an apparently weak candidate like Christine could win… unless we keep finding reasons why she shouldn’t even be in the race.

          • The_anniebanannie

            “and now our every step needs to focus on the common enemy, that democrat with the racist name, lol.”

            So, now that O’Donnell is the candidate, that reason for voting republican at all costs suddenly becomes legitimate? Just 12 hours ago, when somebody said vote for a republican just to keep the democrat out, we were called names and told to shut it. Now, it’s “nevermind, just do it.”

          • The_anniebanannie

            Seriously, do you realize how many times in the last couple days somebody has scolded me by saying “I AM NOT GOING TO HOLD MY NOSE AND SUPPORT SOMEBODY JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE AN “R” AFTER THEIR NAME!!! “….and yet, that is exactly what you are telling me to do.

          • RoadtoFREEDOM

            The nuance… that was the primary, this is the general.

            And, I didn’t say those things. I would have supported Castle, as disgusting as that would be, in the general.

            I understand the passion against Castle, he represents a lot that is bad in the GOP.

            All I’m saying is that this debate about Castle or ODonnell is settled because she is the nominee. We only hurt our own cause now by attacking her further.

            And to those ODonnell supporters who thrashed other conservatives, stand down.

            Conservatives who supported Castle on the electability strategy are not RINO’s… Castle is a RINO. There IS a difference… and Annie, I hear ya, the infighting was a disgrace.

            I know where you stand… I always enjoy your comments.

    • truebearing


      Castle may have an R next to his name, but that doesn’t mean he will vote against Obama. He voted for Cap and Tax, for pete sake.

      We had nothing to gain if he won, and we have nothing to lose with O’Donnell, in fact we have everything to gain.

      • RoadtoFREEDOM

        I agree… Des has legitimate concerns about O’Donnell, but the fact is, had Castle won the general, he’d have had so much clout for being the deciding vote that I fear he’d have been a heartbreaking disappointment based on his past voting record.

        His supporters need to snap out of the perception that ODonnell CAN’T win – because based on the polls before the primary got nasty, she can… and her numbers now are just 10 to 16 pts away.

        If we can stop fighting each other and direct our fire towards the Dem – maybe she has a shot. Everyone is gonna have to forgive and forget and admit this primary was handled badly by both sides.

  • inspectorudy

    I remember when the Demorats and Jimmy Carter were delighted when Ronald Regean won the nomination because he was a radical unqualified flake. Maybe O’Donnel won’t win but I’ll bet she gives it a damn good try. She will also be an inspiration to all of us in the TP who desperately want change from Obama to save our great country. Professor, I think Mark was reacting to the unbelievable attacks on O’Donnel and the way the NRSC was acting. We will never convince the American people that we are serious if we keep puting people like Castle in Congress. 49 or 50 seats will keep everything under control and in 2012 the other RINOs will have to face the music.

  • theprofessor

    Ace nails it:

    “I just hate being called an a**hole or sell-out or candy-as* or RINO for offering what is, in my mind, perfectly good advice which, seriously, is offered with the movement’s best interests at heart. Even if you disagree with me, I wish people who disagreed would accept that I am offering this advice with best intentions. I am not looking to screw anyone. Quite the opposite.

    And that’s why Mark Levin is dead to me. He seems incapable of accepting that people of good heart and spirit might disagree with him; everyone who disagrees with him, it turns out, is a monster who just wants to “destroy” Christine O’Donnell because we’re all secretly liberals.

    Which is the sort of thing a degenerate gambler says when you try to pry him way from the table. But you’ve got the problem, not him, you know?

    Posted by: Ace at 12:25 PM


    • des1

      Levin died to me years ago when he threatened to do every show about Bill O’Reilly’s sex scandal for a month if O’Reilly ever criticized Right-wing talk radio again. There isn’t a more juvenile idiot on the air.

      He’s not even the best lawyer with a talk show. Hugh Hewitt stomps his ass.

    • The_anniebanannie

      Wow, I didn’t realize you weren’t a Levin fan. I’m so shocked. 😉

      How much Grey Goose did it take for you to make it through yesterday? hehe…

    • RoadtoFREEDOM

      Yeah, I’m not a Levin fan. When I agree with him, it’s kinda amusing to listen to him rant, but I couldn’t sit still to listen to his show, just clips now and then.

      Beyond that, he is too willing to attack viciously good people on the same team.

      This primary got ugly, in my view, because the Right is sooo frustrated with Obama and the stakes are so high – and the conservative/tea party candidate was not that strong and the RINO Castle is a central problem in the GOP.

      Good people differed on the strategy and fellow conservatives shredded each other… not good.

      Castle, Snowe, Collins, etc. are not conservatives and deserve to be held accountable for being the handmaidens of the Democrats – and conservatives in my view are obligated to differentiate between those people so independents and Republicans can see where the problems in the GOP come from.

      The party does need to get beyond the corrupt, DC Republican elite – these are the folks who have given the GOP such a bad rep with the public.

      and the establishment needs to stay out of the primaries and stop rooting for the Charlie Crists and Murkowski’s. the party needs to fight for it’s identity, it’s been blurry for too long… and McCain lost by being Bush/Dem’lite.

      but it is sad to see real conservatives go after each other and not focus on RINO’s and Dems.

  • theprofessor

    Some of you have lost all rational thought — including Rush. Stuff that you’ve ranted against regarding Obama, Geitner, Holder etc are suddenly ok because somebody beat a RINO. Lack of experience – nevermind. Trouble with the IRS – Rush now says that a badge of honor. Personal attacks questioning somebody’s sexuality or “unmanly” behaviors, now ok.

    Those that believe in holding OUR candidates to the same standards we hold democrats are now “so called conservatives”.

    I’ve been told to fall in line with the Tea Party picks of candidates OR ELSE…..what’s the difference between that thuggery and the SEIU?

    Anyone here that’s read what I’ve said for months know that I’ve gone to the mat to protect the Tea Party’s right to free speech and have ranted against and at people that have trashed them and Palin. Now, I need to “fall in line or else”. Nice…

    • teapartypatriot64

      Nicely said and I agree 100%.

    • jonavark

      Rush was calling the IRS problems a badge of honor sarcastically since many of OBama’s people owe so much in back taxes.

      That said, I always take Rush with a grain of salt. It’s the real world I am concerned with.

      I don’t know much about O’Connell but as I said, if she loses or if they ALL lose the Tea Party has made itself known. We can’t control who they nominate. And no, you DON’T have to fall in line.. no one is forcing you to do anything and as witnessed by your posts here you are clearly true to your beliefs. Keep it up and hopefully the same sentiments will begin to echo throughout. Don’t write it all off just yet.

    • RoadtoFREEDOM

      There are two kinds of people who supported Castle – a career RINO who is to the left of Snowe and Collins. The first kind are RINO’s and GOP establishment weenies… and the second kind are strategist who swallow hard and vote for a Dem-lite like Castle to gain the majority, but these folks are true conservatives, they just have a different strategy.

      The Tea Party and conservative purists feel it is better to purge the party of unprincipled people like Castle and build a principled party from the inside out over time.

      I can see both sides (not the RINO’s, but the two different strategies).

      I lean toward the purge side, even though O’Donnell is not an ideal candidate and may well lose. Here’s why… we HAD a majority of Republicans with Bush and they were HORRIBLE because they acted like big government, corrupt toads.

      It is THAT memory that haunts the GOP and hurts their popularity with the public because the American people distrust govt, want their govt to be accountable, and the ONLY side fighting for limited govt at all is a minority of Republicans.

      Win or lose, the Republican brand needs to stand for something and if dirt bags like Castle are allowed to represent the brand and then they vote like Democrats on big issues that sell out the American people – they leave the impression that there is no difference between R and D.

      The Democrats showed us who they are in the last four years since they got power. It’s a never ending erosion of the Constitution and a slide toward European welfare statism.

      Too often the Republicans have been complicit in aiding the Dems and the Tea Party has risen up, representing disaffected Republicans, independents, and conservative Democrats… and that movement is here to stay.

      let the two parties stand distinctly for something… The Dems for Obama’s far left vision, and the R’s as limited govt conservatives, and let them make their case.

      RINO’s and Conservative Democrats really need to pick sides and stick with them because bi-partisanship on ideological issues like liberty vs. statism is just a slippery slope to statism.

      It’s time to stand firm on principles and those, like Castle, who lack them, need to be punished in the primary so we can reform the GOP… and the Tea Party has to get better at backing candidates – O’Donnell deserves our support now, but she may not have been the best pick early on.

      No more in fighting… I agree with the Professor… we need to unite and rally around the Constitution and common principles – and respect each other when strategies differ… but NOT when principles differ.

      You’re either for liberty and willing to defend it or you are not. Castle had no principles, but I understand the argument that he looked like a sure thing, so why not pick up the seat? Got it. I would have supported him had he won the primary, but he didn’t.

      It’s time to unite behind O’Donnell and continue the march to take back our country from these socialist dirt bags.

      The bigger surprise for the Dems is that with O’Donnell only 10 pts behind, she could win this.

      Passions are running high… I agree with the professor… let’s not attack each other. save the rage for the Dems.

      • des1

        My concern is that you’re going to get whack-job candidates like O’Donnell now who make up for their complete lack of credibility by spouting platitudes (like the Dems we despise, but this time on the Right). This woman appears to be one of the worst candidates in recent memory (only a step better than Alvin Greene), but Republicans and Tea Party folks are falling over themselves to embrace her.

        If you think overspending Republicans hurt the cause, just wait until you see what smarmy con-men (and women) who get elected by telling people what they want to hear do to it. People like O’Donnell give the Left exactly what they want. If there are enough of them, it will destroy the movement far more efficiently (and quickly) than anything else.

        • moira1987

          Do you need a Xanex? You’re not coherent right now and it’s disturbing to me. lol Take a deep breath and support the Republican nominee and quit weeping over a 170-year-old RINO candy ass like Mike Castle.

          • The_anniebanannie

            Your post is a perfect example of why some of us “fellow conservatives” are so p1ssed off over this O’Donnellfest. If she had a “D” after her name, most of you would be ranting and raving about her horrible qualifications (or lack thereof) and her resume.

            Everyone is wondering why we don’t all jump in line behind her because she won and yet 75% of the posts from her supporters have made it very clear that none of them would get behind Castle had he won. In fact, we were told we can all just “go to hell”.

          • moira1987

            Everyone is wondering why we don’t all jump in line behind her because she won and yet 75% of the posts from her supporters have made it very clear that none of them would get behind Castle had he won. In fact, we were told we can all just “go to hell”.

            Then apparently I’m in the other 25% because I’ve never said such a thing. And you just admitted that you wouldn’t appreciate that kind of talk if Castle had won and O’Donnell refused to endorse him. So don’t expect anybody to feel sorry for Mike Castle. He’s no better than Arlen Specter or Charlie Crist. I expect Republicans and Conservatives to support the nominee against any Democrat/Leftist. Period.

          • The_anniebanannie

            “And you just admitted that you wouldn’t appreciate that kind of talk if Castle had won and O’Donnell refused to endorse him.”

            No, I didn’t. I could not care less who endorses whom,,,or whatever the who/whom rules are there. I think that’s a stupid silly “look at me” attention-whroing game that’s played for the benefit of making somebody look good. Ridiculous. I vote for somebody because of their proven record. But, by God, don’t tell me in one post that anybody who isn’t that perfect purist Tea Party candidate can go to hell, then in the next post chastise me for not coo-cooing YOUR candidate. Screw that.

            In case you haven’t noticed, I didn’t support Castle. I really thought both candidates were the suck of the suckiest. My beef here is the way the O’Donnell fans are treating anybody that dare to disagree with them. The throwing around of the term “RINO” and “so-called conservative” and other name-calling b.s. has sent me very close to the edge of not supporting any Tea Party candidate because of the lack of respect to conservatives that aren’t toeing the line. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the Republican broad-brush bashing. And the threats! What the hell is up with the threats? That’s a liberal tactic.

        • jonavark

          I could see a baseball team with Des on it. top of the 8th. His team is losing. Someone hits a pop-fly. 1st out. He walks off the field.

        • RoadtoFREEDOM

          Des, I am suspending disbelief, I admit that. The negative things you said and other things I’ve read are concerning to me about her, so I know where you are coming from. What allows me to suspend that disbelief is that Castle’s attacks were vicious and I don’t necessarily trust all the negative spin on her and am willing to see what a ‘citizen legislator’ could be and see if she fits the bill.

          But these things are primary discussions… now that she is the nominee, we have no choice but to focus on her opponent or we will literally get an ideologically pure Marxist in office.

          This primary should never be repeated. It was a mess. She is not an obviously strong candidate – but I also think she is being overly discounted, too.

          We just can’t refuse to support and candidate in the general… and independents who know Obama and Reid and Pelosi are bad can’t forget that and stay home or vote for the Dem who I can’t name or my comment will be held up.

          So I agree, she may be a disaster… not like there aren’t red flags. I get that. But pragmatically, this is a once in a century kind of election environment and recent polls put her within 16 points or less.

          Even if she just sits in the Senate and says conservative things and votes with the party, she’s better than Castle, who fancied himself a champion of progressive ideas… and has sided with the Dems.

          It’s a tough hand… let’s just try to win now that the primary is done. That’s all.

          • RoadtoFREEDOM

            let me be clear (lol) – if she is a poser, empty suit who is just talking conservative and is really a loony idiot, and she wins… we’ll just have to kick her out next time. That WOULD be bad. I agree with you.

            I suspect she’s a real conservative – but that she may be totally lacking in experience, and that does stink.

            So, what I’m clarifying is, I’d prefer an inexperienced conservative to an experienced political shark like Castle right now… because we’re gonna get the House and because these powerful incumbents must be purged if we are to take down corruption.

            If she were running for an executive position, like governor or president, I’d be more worried.

            The GOP has been in the dog house since 2006… and we can’t reform that by allowing the Castle’s of the party to stay… or we have no credibility.

            I also put some faith in DeMint and Palins endorsement. Palin endorsed Fiorina and McCain (neither the most conservative, but both the more electable), so she’s not someone who’s blindly backed people – she seems to believe in O’Donnell, and that too is somewhat reassuring from that perspective.

            We’ll see November 3rd. I may have to eat my words. But this has been the year of surprises – and dynasties and incumbents getting routed, which is a win, even if it is a base hit.

      • truebearing


        Well said. Very well said.

        We need to remember who the enemy is, and not get greedy. We can’t win every seat on the first go around, but we need to stay united. O’Donnell is not the best candidate one could ever hope for, and I doubt she is as bad as detractors would have us believe, but we had nothing to gain with Castle anyway. He voted for Cap and Tax, and that is all anyone should need to know.

        There are certain types in the Tea Party, and Republican Party, that have the “my way or the highway” attitude, and that approach is shortsighted, arrogant, and stupid. Thank God most people on both sides don’t have this doctrinaire attitude, but those who have that approach, in both the Tea Party and the Republican Party, could cause the downfall of our efforts to defeat the Progressives/Marxists, and we better not let it happen!

        To win in the short, and long run, the Tea Party needs the Republican Party, and the Republican Party needs the Tea Party. If you don’t like this FACT, go join the Marxists, because causing division between Tea Partiers and Republicans is playing right into their evil hands.

        The Tea Party/conservatives need to work with the Republican Party, and essentially do what Soros and the Progressives did with the Democrat Party: take it over. Fighting with Republicans is stupid, and while I know O’Donnell’s feelings are hurt by things said and done, she needs to grow up and mend fences as soon as possible. She needs all the help she can get.

        Republicans need to wake up and smell the coffee. The Tea Party is here to stay, and if they ignore this conservative tidal wave, they do so at their, and the nation’s peril. If the Republican Party would put the nation’s well being ahead of their own political agenda, and stop being so rigid and arrogant, the momentum against the left would be amazing. The problem is the Progressive Republicans who are now stuck between Barack and a conservative place. They have to go.

        We have ONE chance to remove this Marxist plague. If we fail it will be too late to ever get these scumbags out of power. Don’t forget it.

        • RoadtoFREEDOM

          The two parties have had things a certain way for a long, long time. The Tea Party movement is young, rough around the edges, and if we’re lucky, here to stay… and grow.

          This crop of candidates have included some who are not polished and have said things that the political class and MSM have been able to turn against them (Rand Paul, Angle, O’Donnell) – and some of these candidates may well not prevail because they are not polished or politically savvy enough to stick to PC sound bites…

          Here’s the important thing, though… people across party lines are distrustful of slick politicians and the unpolished and honest, warts and all thing is working BECAUSE it is not slick.

          Slick has gotten us all screwed.

          The question that none of us can answer until November 3rd is if the Tea Party passion resonates with the general election crowd and gets the votes.

          I’ve seen enough polls where independents are sympathetic to TP principles, turning against Obama, and mad as heck at Congress.

          Right now, we have a two party system and if you don’t like the establishment, in the general, the R is gonna win because a) the Dems will have lower turn out, b) in most races, there is no one else to choose.

          Part of me is suspicious of ANYONE who willingly wants to get into politics, so I discount some of the stuff Christine is smeared with – but I find it more compelling to destroy the incumbents who are pro-big government and risk losing some races in the short term because we’re gonna take the House for sure it seems and we HAVE to signal both parties to straighten up and losing elections is the one thing they understand.

          Some day, there won’t be any of these dirt bags who’ve been in office for two, three, four decades – and we’ll have to sort out who of the new crop are the good guys and who are the posers and phonies.

          If we enter phase of our Republic where there is gridlock and high turn over as we continually toss bums out and the statists can’t get anything done, perfect. That’s our system purging itself of the decades of corruption and opportunism of both parties.

          We’re all pretty frustrated, we just have to remember who the enemy is and remember that they are just praying we drop the ball – it’s the only prayer they have.

          A RINO is a Republican who votes with Democrats against principles of the Republican party – not a conservative who disagrees on electoral strategy.

          Real RINO’s and Democrats must be crushed without mercy whenever possible… and the only way we’re gonna do that now is to unite in the general election and learn from this cycle and apply those lessons going forward.

          For better or worse, we’d better be all in for O’Donnell at this point, put our pride, anger and ego aside, and forgive our fellow allies for any transgression because what the big government foes have in store for us will hurt a whole lot more than what this primary dished out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-K-Donnelly/100000569024486 Bryan K Donnelly

    Fox News this morning.

    “Republican aides told Fox News Tuesday that the National Republican Senatorial Committee will not be funding O’Donnell’s general election campaign, leaving it up to Palin and the Tea Party Express to do the heavy lifting. The NRSC issued a terse statement congratulating O’Donnell for her nomination “after a hard-fought primary campaign.”

    Dear Senator Cornyn,

    Is the above true? If so, I will NEVER again contribute to the GOP Senate Committee or the RNC! First you Washington busybodies inserted yourselves in OUR Florida primary supporting our RINO turncoat LIBERAL (Or, more correctly, utterly poll driven) governor Charlie Crist, best known for kissing Barack Obama’s a.. on TV. That was STRIKE ONE! Florida Republicans ignored your meddlesome advice and MARCO RUBIO, a TRUE (conservative) principled Republican a la Ronald Reagan will be the our US Senator. Then your organization had the gall to do it again in Alaska; interfering in that state’s GOP Senate primary supporting “establishment” RINO Lisa Murkowski over genuine Republican Joe Miller. Are you going to RAT on this credible conservative too? STRIKE TWO!

    Delaware is STRIKE THREE Your organization made no secret of your support for Mike Castle, perhaps along with Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, the most liberal RINO in Congress! A genuine philosophical conservative activist from the “grass roots” of Republicanism, Christine O’Donnell BEAT your hand picked professional politician! Castle said he WOULD NOT vote to repeal Obamacare, the worst socialist nightmare out of the neo-Marxist Democrat congress this year! He favors the economy destroying, job killing, eco-socialist “cap & trade” energy legislation the GOP has blocked so far in congress. Who needs him? That is STRIKE THREE! YOU’RE OUT. What do we really lose even if another Democrat-socialist takes the “Biden Seat?” Castle would have been a dubious “improvement.” And who knows? She just might win.

    Yeah I know! We HAVE TO have electable “viable” candidates and it IS important to have a GOP run Senate. It’s important to have a GOP run CONSERVATIVE White House as well. Hell, it would be lovely to have the presidency AND two thirds majorities in congress. Be nice if the 16thamendment (income tax) was repealed, our schools were competitive and excellent, our national defense properly conducted etc. etc. etc
    Great GOALS. But they DO NOT come from a PARTY or a POLITICIAN winning one or more election! IDEAS, are a helluva lot more important than either. If , by winning elections all we get is Democrat-socialist “LITE” what is really accomplished? One leftist thug wants to cut off your right arm, but his “moderate” adversary wants to “just start with one finger.”

    You’ve gotten my LAST campaign contribution. From now on my bucks are going to conservative candidates in MY OWN area; Marco Rubio for Senate, Allen West for US House. The “real conservatives are not electable” nonsense was utterly disproven by Ronald W. Reagan in two landslides. He ran as proud unabashed full blooded CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE! “The age of Reagan is over?;” think again! The “age of Carter” produced Reagan and the “Obama debacle” will produce an even greater tsunami. And THIS TIME no more GOP “stealing the Democrat’s clothes!” Pork barrel, “go along to get along” political pros need not apply.

    This November Tea Party constitutionalist house, senate, and gubernatorial candidates will be ELECTED. THEN we reform GOP. I’m working my tush off running a small business in the Obama Depression and my time is limited, but I plan to run for Republican precinct committeeman here in my home town It all starts at that level. Look out, you’re going to see thousands of us doing the same. To save our nation, first we must save the Republican Party! Lead, follow, or get out of the way!


    Pompano Beach Florida

    • adamincalifornia

      Have fun storming the Castle.