Union boss Richard Trumka to accuse Republicans, businesses and insurers of ‘economic treason’

We’re on the right path. Without the Obama recovery plan, we’d be in a full-blown depression. It’s small consolation to people sitting at home, or on the bench – but let’s remember the facts.

Obama reversed the Bush ban on PLAs, stood in the way of federal contractors who used government funds to block union organizing, passed a foundation for health insurance reform, and muscled Wall Street reform through a reluctant Congress. Our Secretary of Labor is hell-bent on stopping the misclassification of employees by cut-rate contractors, and we’ve seen job growth in the private sector for 8 straight months now – it’s not enough, but it’s a start.

A year ago, our president started safeguarding our tire industry from cheap Chinese imports, and it’s working. In one short year, domestic tire production increased almost 15 percent! That’s jobs! Right here in Ohio!

And tariffs have slammed shut the door on artificially cheapened foreign steel. We’ve seen workers called back to steel pipe mills, with more jobs on the way.

We’re on the right path—and we have to stick to the right path. Because good jobs are like a big snowball — when we get that ball rolling and the economy growing, we’ll see more good jobs. We’ll see blast furnaces coming back on line, manufacturing coming back to life with thousands of new jobs!

And with those good jobs, tax receipts will go up, cities, counties and states will have real budgets again!

This is no time to turn back to the corporate agenda that nearly created economic Armageddon— we’ve got to keep moving forward to rebuild our middle class, rebuild retirement security, and build a strong America for our children.

Brothers and sisters, there’s a way out of this mess, but it’s forward, not backward!

That’s why I say to the hand-wringers, to the naysayers, to the detractors, to the Party of No: If you don’t believe in America, get out of the way!

This election in Ohio isn’t just about 2010. It’s about who holds power – working people, or Wall Street and the big corporate interests — over the next decade, and beyond.

It’s 49 days until Election Day. It won’t be easy. But we understand hard work. We fight against the odds – and we win! That’s what we do. We’re union.

We know the anti-worker politicians and the corporations and the ideologues don’t want the union vote. They want us to stay home, frustrated and angry at Washington.

For two years that’s been the game plan from the Party of No – Stop all progress, stomp on hope, keep us down. But we’re still here.

We know what Rep. John Boehner will do if he gets the Speaker’s gavel – because he’s told us! He’ll privatize and cut Social Security, protect the corporations that send our jobs overseas, slash taxes for the super-rich. There will be no more extensions of unemployment benefits. No jobs legislation. No infrastructure spending. No Davis Bacon. No retirement security. No health care.

But Boehner won’t be Speaker of the House. Not on our watch! Because it’s going to come down to us and we’re going to make the difference — district by district, a few thousand votes, a few hundred votes. Those will be the margins — the difference we make.

Listen closely, it is solely within our control to re-elect Gov. Strickland. Period. We have the votes.

It won’t be the bankers who put America back together. It won’t be the Tea Partiers. It won’t be the Party of No.

It’ll be you. It’s going to be your vote. Your members. Your worksite leafleting. Your neighborhood walks. Your commitment to Labor 2010. Your programs.

It’ll be us. Are you ready to light a fire with your members? Are you ready to finish the job we started? Are you ready to fight for economic patriots and against the outsourcers and the corporate traitors?

Roll up your sleeves!
If you want it, you’ve got to work for it.

If you want it Made in America, you’ve got to work for it.

If you believe that America must invest in transportation and technology, education and the environment, work for it.

If you believe that Wall Street got us into this mess and now must pay its fair share of the costs to get us out, work for it.

Work for it. Stand for it. Stand together. March together. Fight together. Win together. And don’t let anyone—anyone—stand in our way.

Thank you…. God bless you…. and God bless America!

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