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Bill Maher condemns overheated rhetoric, drops N-bomb

WARNING: This post is offensive, because it quotes Bill Maher.

The DC Cab star and Playboy Mansion Grotto-clotter was on Larry King Live last night, and here’s his latest pearl necklace of wisdom:

“They’re racists because they don’t use the racial epithet I just used, and that’s because they don’t want people to think they’re racist, as opposed to the way I’m not racist.” It has a certain logic, in the sense of lacking any whatsoever.

Maher also wasn’t racist last May, when he said this about Obama:

YouTube Preview Image

Because, you see, that’s what “real black people” do. And it’s not racist to say so, because it’s just not.

P.S. Bill Maher: The Voice of Black America.

  • sunnyr

    Bill Maher is OBSESSED with Obama’s race. I would say BM is one of the biggest
    racist’s in this country even though he tries to hide in the closet. Creep! And he’s not even funny!

  • brettrow

    Kind of ironic a guy who has gotten rich off hateful overheated rhetoric is denouncing it now.

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  • thesauce

    Remember when Jeanine Grr-Awful-O went on Olbermann’s ghey-progressive-circular-gratification-hour? She said black conservatives have Stockholm syndrome. Let’s read into this a little.

    Stockholm syndrome is a psychological disorder where a *captive* person begins to empathize unusually with his *captors.* The name “Uncle Tom,” despite his historical significance as a hero in an abolitionist novel, has come to mean a black man who has a captive mentality. She called black conservatives Uncle Toms on national television. WTF.

    I wont speculate as to why Ms. Awful-O decided to use a psychobabble euphamism for a well known term, but I will say this; Jeanine Garafalo identified a group of people by the color of their skin and then said that if those people disagreed with her views than they must have a psychological disorder. In other words, blacks ought to be captive to her position, and if they aren’t, they are sick in the head. To her there is no other explanation. Olbermann, being a total douche-nozzle, did not challenge this assertion.

    The arrogance, the latent racism, the irony of her statement is lost on the left, where a racial dogma exists that blinds them to reality. I know, what does this have to do with Maher?

    I have a point, and this is it: The left have relied for a long time on identifying minorities, telling them that they are victims of some nebulous “system,” and then offering them some sort of “relief” sometimes in the form of institutional racism. That’s their MO. (Trolls: I’m not saying blacks *weren’t* victims of institutional racism; they were. And it was evil.)

    Conservatives have a better offer. Instead of fighting racism with more racism – they oppose racism in all it’s forms. Racism is a moral question, simply put judging someone by the color of their skin is evil. Racism is evil and insidious and it should be driven out in all it’s forms. The new conservative movement is morally superior on the issue; end racism, period. No state racism, period.

    Maher, like Gerafalo, is flipping a sh*t of course because his religion has failed him and he can’t figure out why blacks are turning away from the progressive agenda. His world view – that required decades of indoctrination to construct – is falling apart. =How can it be that blacks can disagree with Bill Maher? He knows what is best for them, after all.= I will enjoy watching the progressive racial agenda burn in the fire of truth. I will bring popcorn. Burn, baby, burn.

  • irwinhandleman

    oh…so you really don’t understand what jokes are.

    • Jim Treacher

      Congratulations on your newfound sense of humor, Brian. You would also have no problem with those jokes if, say, Glenn Beck made them.

    • truebearing

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but generally speaking, aren’t jokes supposed to be funny?

      Shouldn’t there be at least an element of wit? Or irony? Or maybe cleverness?

      Maher is funny in some unintended ways. He is a caricature of who he wants to be. He is a walking parody of wittiness. His entire existence is wracked with the irony of his failure to be what he is so proud of not achieving. He’s as funny as a colonoscopy with a telescope.

  • Newly Minted

    Maher is wrong. We don’t get mad when we’re called racists. We’re just used to it. It’s become boring.

    Ignore these media leftists. Just ignore them. Don’t get mad. Don’t write letters of protest. Don’t talk about what latest monstrosity they said. Don’t do research to find out what they’re saying. Don’t respond to them. Just ignore them. Silence. We’re winning. They’re losing.

    No one sounds as crazy as when they’re ranting to an empty room.

    • ladylove


    • cysusa

      You make excellent points. One thing that I have found is the more the media and people like Maher throw out their ‘insights’, the more I laugh. It’s when members of the government call people racist and are not held to task by their party leadership – that’s what really gets to me. As far as Maher and his ilk – watching them twist themselves up like pretzels does make me smile. For such shiny, happy, progressive people they sure are constantly unhappy.