Bill Clinton: Colin Powell Misrepresented Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy

Former President Bill Clinton said that Colin Powell, who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during his administration, misrepresented how Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell would work as the legislation was being passed into law in 1993.

In an interview Tuesday, Clinton told CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric that he didn’t choose the Don’t Ask, Don’t policy, which bans gays from serving openly in the military. “I accepted it because it was better than an absolute ban,” Clinton said. “I was promised it would be better than it was.”

Full story: Bill Clinton: Colin Powell Misrepresented Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

  • clw

    So the Rhodes Scholar blames Powell for “mis-informing” him; he wasn’t smart enough to make his own decision? He wasn’t smart enough to see the lack of wisdom in hooking up with a 20-something intern? (Let’s face it, it doesn’t take a real genius to realize it’s a little risky to assume that she could keep THAT secret!) He couldn’t even tell if he had sex with “that woman” because he couldn’t figure out “what the meaning of the word IS …is”. They don’t call him slick Willy for nothing. He’s NOT “mis-informed”, clue-less, or ignorant. He’s slick and crafty. I don’t mean those in a good way either. Why would he even defend it at this point? Maybe because Hillary is planning a run in 2012 and he knows it will come up?

  • sconk

    DADT is a policy I think should be applied to all walks of life. It is wonderful and typically American tolerant. It says that what you do in your bedroom is your business as long as you don’t make a fetish out of proclaiming it.

    I am so sick of the “Love” that won’t shut up! Sex, sex, sex; just do it, don’t talk about it. All this having to justify it and talk about it just means that you know or, at least, think it is wrong, and you feel the need to be justified or even absolved from “sin”.

    • Momma M

      Exactly. These people crying out for attention aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done for centuries.. But the notion that it’s not GOOD until you flop around for the world to see? Really folks, we don’t want to watch you slappin’ fat.. regardless of your “sexual orientation”…

      Keep your sex-life to yourself… I won’t ask (and don’t care) and I don’t want you tell me the damn details either.

  • zorro

    I admit I’m not a “historian,” I’m not “smart” or “smell good” but without DADT, gays were NOT allowed to serve in the military, right? I mean, they ASKED you when you signed up if you were homosexual or if you had ever had any homosexual relationships. If your answer was yes, then you wouldn’t be allowed to serve. If anything, DADT actually allowed gays to serve because no one was asking them anything.

    • adamincalifornia

      I had a command in the Army when “don’t ask don’t tell” came in.

      The Army and the rest of the armed forces, along with the FBI and CIA had bans on homosexuals through the Cold War. The reason was extortion / espionage – the theory went that you could be turned by foreign agent if you were gay and they could “out” you.

      Being “outed” lost its power as gays became more accepted in society. The Clinton effort to lift the ban was predicated on that. But there was another dimension – the Clintons did this as they came into Washington. They were going to spend political capital on the issue. What they ended up doing was galvanizing their opposition on a divisive social issue. DADT was seen as a compromise that removed the ban without creeping out troops.

      Prior to DADT, homosexuality came up usually when someone wanted out. They’d walk in your office and say “I am gay. Send me home.” and you’d try to find out what was really going on but you’d send them home if they insisted they were gay. The other time it would come up was if some high ranking NCO or a commanding officer had a real issue with homosexuality and went out of his way to prove someone was gay. You’d hear about such people but I never ran across one. Most commanders and NCOs did not give a crap at the end of the day.

  • bananabee

    Who cares about powell or clinton? Theyre both dinosaurs who have nothing to do with whats going on in America. Stop socialism now!

    • ladylove

      shows how little you know about what is going on,

      both men, are actively involved in politics, and Powell advises and serves Obama faithfully.

      apparently you did not watch Powell this weekend, he being a Republican, has a committment to Obama that is almost spiritual, of course Obama’s color has nothing to do with Powell’s feelings, I’m sure.

  • jonavark

    Bill.. you and Carter need to take a trip somewhere. I suggest the South Pole. Take Gore with you. He’ll keep you nice and warm.

    • Momma M

      …. but, but… can’t Barry and Bubble-butt go too?? Please?

  • adamincalifornia

    The message is simple America:

    Never blame a Democrat. Always blame a Republican.

    If you remember those two simple rules, you will have no problem enjoying the fruits of our post-partisan political era.

  • Momma M

    Slick Willy is up to the same old tricks! Powell’s a RINO and Clinton is a LIAR.. so… who would listen to either of them NOW?

    Both, washed up and eager for the spotlight…

  • PolyIndependent

    ha ha ha – really, Bill? Really? Wow, talk about your attempts to rewrite history.

    • Momma M

      -=chuckles=- I guess you remember that debate too, huh?

  • Joe Astroturf

    Come on Bill why didn’t you ask Annie Oaklie (your wife Obamas name not mine) for an opinion.

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJfboOindCo