Kirsten Gillibrand, Joe DioGuardi race closer than expected: polls

WASHINGTON – Two stunning new polls show appointed first-term Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand with a race on her hands – and one has her clinging to a one-point lead over Republican Joe DioGuardi.

Gillibrand leads her opponent by a margin of just 45-44 among likely voters in the SurveyUSA poll, which has her carrying the five boroughs but losing upstate.

In another new poll by Quinnipiac University, Gillibrand leads DioGuardi 48-42 among likely voters. That poll has independent voters splitting nearly evenly between the two candidates, with 41 percent for Gillibrand and 42 percent for DioGuardi.

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  • rockhard

    I like joe he’s a real new yorker unlike this whats her name.

    joe did a lot of good for so many people, he’s one of the regular joes..

    good guy, go joe go!

  • mundakal

    Maybe the ‘hot’ one should ask Paris Hilton and other sluts for advice to warm up the campaign. LOL…thanks Harry Reid for ruining one more Democrats chances this Nov.