As race-charged attacks fail, left calls Tea Party movement crazy

Since the left’s racism-based attacks of the Tea Party movement have failed, liberals have shifted gears slightly. Now they’re just calling Tea Partiers plain crazy.

A new report from the Culture and Media Institute shows a widespread media attack on the Tea Party and its candidates’ sanity, something the report’s author, Nathan Burchfiel, told The Daily Caller is most likely a result of the left’s inability to form a legitimate argument against the Tea Party.

“It [calling Tea Partiers crazy] is a way to distract from the issues,” Burchfiel said. “It’s the same thing with the racist argument: You try to paint them as racists so you don’t have to talk about the issues.”

Consumer Watchdog, a progressive advocacy group, launched a new Times Square jumbotron advertisement asking people if they’re upset with corporate bailouts, home foreclosures, insurance rate hikes, Wall Street greed and if they are “mad as hell,” but think the “Tea Party is insane,” encouraging viewers to visit their website – consumerwatchdog.org.

The organization’s president, Jamie Court, told TheDC Consumer Watchdog made an active decision to use the word “insane” in its ad and that the group could have used “nuts” too.

“Of course we actively made the decision to raise the question of whether the Tea Party is insane,” Court said in a phone interview with TheDC. “The reason we did it, again, is because we wanted to call out a provocative question in the largest public square in America.”

The “Call Them Crazy” trend hasn’t yet been shown to be something that was actively decided upon by the media in general, but Burchfiel doesn’t rule out a JournoList-type scandal rising to the surface in the future.

“I don’t want to say that there’s a conspiracy that they [cable commentators and Democratic strategists] get together on the phone and develop a strategy, but we know that that’s happened before,” Burchfiel told TheDC. “I don’t know that that needs to be the case for this to still be an important story.”

In particular, Burchfiel said the witchcraft slams on Delaware’s GOP Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell aren’t substantive at all.

“When she dabbled in witchcraft or dated or wiccan or whatever when she was a teenager, does that really determine how she’s going to govern?” Burchfiel said. “Does it really affect her position on taxes or spending or whatever the Tea Party issue it might be that she wants to focus on?”

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  • whoframedrudy

    “The “Call Them Crazy” trend hasn’t yet been shown to be something that was actively decided upon by the media in general …”

    There’s a brain bug out there somewhere, you can be certain of it. The symptoms of leftist viral groupthink are all the evidence you need. When their groupthink ‘talking points’ pop up around the web like chicken pox, it means the brain bug hatched an egg.

    • Matthew Boyle

      When I wrote that sentence, I was referring specifically to the JournoList scandal that The Daily Caller uncovered earlier this summer, and how the coverage of the Tea Party has been, in many left-leaning publications, unfair and extremely biased. I haven’t yet heard of any colluded attempts of left media personalities or journalists to get together to frame the Tea Party negatively, but I wouldn’t be surprised, either.

      I hope, for the sake of journalism, that isn’t the case. But, does it need to be for the negative framing of the Tea Party movement to be a problem?

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  • pink

    Dear Tea Party: This whole “we are victims of the media” thing is getting really tiresome. Grow up, stop whining, stop dressing up in silly costumes, stop letting just ANYONE speak for you, grow some real leadership, and maybe people will start taking you seriously.

    • clw

      It’s a free country. Why do you care?

    • Momma M

      You’ve never heard me call myself a “victim” of anything. The media is bias. That’s a fact. Americans have brains. Most have access to a computer and other outlets. We are responsible for our vote and we need to step up to the responsibilities involved. Research candidates ourselves, make up our own minds, and stay involved.

      NO media outlet should be our only source… CNN, and many other left-leaning broadcast companies like them- are now paying the price with a drop in ratings.. That’s called “free enterprise”… They chose their content, and a growing number of Americans are tuning them out.

      I believe THIS is the true “call” from the TeaParty and other conservative groups.

      After doing this research, making calls to representatives and other sources, I’LL STAND WITH THE TEAPARTY ON MOST ISSUES !

      • Matthew Boyle

        You know, I always knew the media, in general, had biases. What I didn’t know, until I started covering the Tea Party and other conservative political events, was how blatant the biases were.

        As for the “victims of the media” claims, I don’t know where you’re inferring that from. All Tea Partiers ask for, and rightfully so, is that they’re covered in the media as fairly as any other political movement, something that isn’t happening.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeannie-Lin/100000438163664 Jeannie Lin

    Awww, yet more yellow journalism from a right wing site full of lies, half truths, spin and BS.

    Just like the wacko teabaggers, this site, and the GOP are disgusting and destroying this nation. But gosh darn keep the lies alive! it is all you have afterall!


    • jonavark

      Welcome to the DC HO Chi Lin!

    • Matthew Boyle


      I just looked through those photos you linked to of Tea Partiers from TPM – I didn’t see anything in them that suggests any of those people are crazy or racist. Journalistically speaking, it’s not the job of the media to decide which movements or politics are justified and which ones aren’t. It’s our job to report what actually happens and why it’s happening. We’re not supposed to judge, yet so many media outlets from the left do.

      For instance, take the Values Voter Summit I covered for TheDC last weekend – http://dailycaller.com/2010/09/17/gop-2012-candidate-straw-poll-event-draws-out-anti-obama-anti-establishment-sentiment/

      MSNBC’s choice quote from Rep. Michele Bachmann (R, Minn.) was the one in which she called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, Calif.) for writing off an expense that included alcohol on her official accounts. MSNBC (and others) failed to report on what the substance of Bachmann’s speech actually was.

      Speaking of which, Jeannie, let me ask you my favorite question that I ask all those who openly criticize the Tea Party movement: Have you ever been to a Tea Party rally? If so, how many? If not, why not and where do you get your information about the Tea Party?

      • clw

        Thank you for taking the time to call out the Sniper Trolls. They are EXHAUSTING in their level of ignorance.

        • Momma M

          Yet this “attack” is a prime example of what the article is about, is it not? Jeannie Lin is happy to be one of those people willing to push a “insanity plea”….

          We will not be detered. Call us what you will… the facts are facts (to anyone with eyes enough to see them or brains enough to comprehend them).

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  • Rocketman

    It’s time for a sports analogy:

    The wide receiver is running a post pattern, he beats the defender, the QB is loading up to throw a bomb and the defender grabs the receiver. So what if it’s a personal foul – he stopped a touchdown.
    The same holds true for a team that is getting blown out – the anger and frustration leads to fouls.

    That’s how the Dems play the game. Every time they’re being beaten, here come the personal fouls. It’s in their playbook.


    • Matthew Boyle

      I like the sports analogy. It puts it in common, easy-to-understand terms. Thanks Rocketman!

  • theprofessor

    You know the dems are desperate and drowning when they admit to trolling the farthest left of the lefty websites for their talking points. That’s like asking the patients at the asylum advice on how to detect craziness.

  • independentvoter

    I did see this guy on FOX this morning from the way he sounded they have plenty of money.. One place he got it was SUING companies that overcharge consumers.. so I am figuring he’s a litigation lawyer (think I have the right kind of lawyer) and part of his take goes into this whatever that puts up nitwit signs.., he also mentioned consumer donations.. (wonder if he has Rahm or Axlerod ask for the donations).. I do forget the other place he said he got his money.. but I am sure it was from a totally upstanding source..LOL.. It is a shame that with all that is going on the ONLY thing they have on their side is NAME CALLING and Mocking WHICH btw IS WHAT LOSERS DO..

  • libertyatstake

    The statist two-step: sow chaos, establish tyranny. Keep your eye on the ball, Patriots.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”