Democratic House Members highlight their votes against TARP — despite not being in Congress when it passed

According to their reelection campaign ads, Democratic Reps. Kathy Dahlkemper, Frank Kratovil, Dina Titus, Mary Jo Kilroy, and Glenn Nye all voted against the Wall Street bailout. Which is fascinating, since, as FactCheck.org pointed out a few weeks ago, not one of them was in office when the bailout was passed.

The bailout, otherwise known as the Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP), was passed as part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, which President Bush signed into law on October 3, 2008. Dahlkemper, Kratovil, Titus, Kilroy, and Nye didn’t take office until January of 2009.

But don’t fear. Our elected officials aren’t liars; they were just talking about a different Wall Street bailout. Andrew Stoddard, who does communications for the Titus campaign, explained that Titus “voted against releasing the second half of the TARP funds.”

Stoddard is referring to when, in January 2009, “President George W. Bush requested the second half of the $700 billion financial-rescue fund on behalf of President-elect Barack Obama,” as the Wall Street Journal reported. The funds were ultimately released.

Political acrobatics of this kind are fairly standard in campaign season: the ability to be in two places at once might in fact be a prerequisite for running for office. Perhaps the frequency of misleading comments like these is why they don’t raise eyebrows in campaigns. Brad Bauman, director of communications for the Kilroy campaign, told The DC that the campaign was not dissembling by running such ads.

“I think the spirit of those votes that she took against TARP were against the use of the bank bailout funds for their unintended purposes, for big checks to executives. That’s not what TARP was for. It wasn’t to be used as a slush fund for the banks…She had an opportunity to do the right thing, and she did it,” he said.

But doing the right thing, however noble, was little more than symbolic in this case. On January 15, 2009, the Senate voted to release the funds, and, as the New York Times reported then, “The House may still vote on the bailout money, but the point is moot because the law requires action by both chambers to block the funds.”

As such, these five representatives’ votes, as FactCheck.org pointed out, were “[p]retty much irrelevant.”

The Kratovil, Nye, and Dahlkemper campaigns did not respond to requests to comment.

  • truebearing

    This story seems mild in comparison to the outrageous corruption in the Federal government in general, but it is symptomatic of what ails this nation: The lack of integrity in the people, and the politicians they elect.

    Everything boils down to morality. No morality equals no integrity. No integrity equals lying, stealing and cheating. Unless we elect people of sunbstantial moral character, in the JudeoChristian context of morality, we will continue to slide into the sewer of political corruption.

    The left operates on a false moral code we know as political correctness. The problem with political correctness is that it is the “affirmative action” of morality and much like affirmative action perpetuates what it ostensibly corrects, political correctness actually encourages immorality in both citizens and politicians. Speaking the truth is politically incorrect, which proves the anti-morality intent of political correctness. It was created in the deep, dark recesses of the leftist mind as yet another way to get political power. It is a pseudo morality designed to give the advantage to those who created it, the left. Big surprise.

    Combine the false morality of politcal correctness with the left’s political operating principle, the end justifies the means, which is the anti-thesis of true morality, and you can easily see why we have corruption in every branch of government. The left wants, needs, and encourages corruption because corruption is a means of leveraging more power.

    The reliance on the Machiavellian end-justifies-the-means is directly proveable by the pathological lying that practioners of the left’s evil are so famous for. Obama would be a prime example of the lying left. In “Rules for Radicals” Saul Alinsky exhorted his followers to lie, decieve, misinform, and generally be as dishonest as necessary to gain political power. Obama taught this filth in Chicago where he was a professor for a few years. We can see the destructive results of Obama’s adherence to the immoral, amoral code of Alinsky and the Marxists.

    The solution? A moral electorate will elect moral politicians. You can’t expect politicians to be moral when you aren’t. It won’t happen, and fails under the weight of its hypocrisy. We’ve tried that to no acclaim.

    Democracy fails when the majority becomes uneducated and immoral. Evil men rule when good men don’t. Morality is a gift, and precedes any freedom or true prosperity. Morality is the human survival code, and as we can all see, this country needs its citizens and leaders to recognize this or we will continue down the path less survivable.

    • angst

      You’re absolutely right, and there are studies to back that up. Liberals lie more than conservatives. True. Fact. Sadly, a great number of people will just shrug this off as being a minor detail. But- he who is dishonest with very little, is also dishonest with a lot.

  • oldguy5

    Until we vote people into office because they believe what we belive and for what they do when in office we will always have this – I’m for the party politics. It’s done by both parties Democrat and Republican. It seems that once your party has a person in the WH everyone else loses their sense of what is right for the people they represent. They vote blindly for what the person in the WH wants.


  • rainmaker1145

    Democrats lie. The only surprise is that we don’t make them go to jail for it.

    • Scrap Iron

      Its not the lie I mind so much, as it is the failure to keep the sworn oath of office they took. THAT’S what should put them in jail.

  • gatortarian

    The funny thing is the TARP wasn’t really the problem, we have already been paid back with interest (except Fanny and Freddie).

  • kozmocostello

    I have no doubt that those votes were “seared, SEARED” into their memories. It would seem that John Kerry memory derangement syndrome has gone pandemic among Democrats.

  • grayzel

    They did not even vote present? Even Barry O had people cover for him and vote him present.

  • relayer10

    I hope that the voters of Erie. Pa. remember that Dahlkemper also hid behind Stupak during the Obamacare debate. She was coward then, and allowed Stupak to decide for the people of Erie- against what they wanted and believed in. Doing so displayed that she has no spine, and is little more than a party hack. Now, willing to tell a bold faced lie to the people of Erie, presuming them to be sheep.

    This time, party politics and business as usual will not work. When someone displays they have no courage, and willing to lie to your face, how can you trust them for anything, ever? The only way to make a statement is to fire her. Be sure you tell her successor that you will hold them to a higher standard, or they too will be fired. I know that Erie is a strong “D” town…and I know you may think she’s better than the “R” whoever that is- but she flat out lied to you. Letting that stand shows Dahlkemper that lies are ok, and lack of conviction and courage is fine. Show some courage of your own.

  • didacticrogue

    Campaigning politicians behaving disingenuously? Stop the presses!

    … just one more reason to make sure we throw the bums out.

  • Momma M

    We all know Politicians LIE – What really angers me is the number of Americans who will not research this one their own, won’t use their brain to figure out they’re being lied to… and the way the LameStreamMedia doesn’t call them on the carpet.

    We need to fight “net neutrality”… We can’t “allow them” to neuter the net…