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What’s next at Gitmo, off-brand mints on the pillows?

You can stop asking why the terrorists hate us. The Daily Mail reports:

Detainees’ diets at Guantanamo Bay have been a controversial issue for some time and now the U.S. prison is said to be rationing ice cream.

The frozen dessert is allegedly being tightly measured, with only one ice cream allowed for each of its 147 detainees.

Journalist for The Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg, photographed a refrigerator at Guantanamo, with two signs reading ‘DETAINEE FOOD ONLY’ and ‘Only 1 Ice Cream For each detainee!’

That’s not even the funniest part. This is the funniest part:

The ice cream rationing has now led the journalist to question Guantanamo Bay’s motives, suspecting that it might be an attempt to reduce spending.

Yep, Carol Rosenberg of the Miami Herald just blew this story wide open: Detainees at Gitmo aren’t getting enough ice cream. From waterboarding to gelato-hoarding. We can’t let these fascist jackbooted bastards get away with this. Only two men can save us from ourselves: Ben & Jerry.

(Hat tip: The Jawa Report)

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  • grayzel

    I still can not get over the fact that the ACLU over our government supporting a religion. Who pays for the Korans?

  • killtruck

    I really feel like if I don’t go eat that klondike bar in my fridge the terrorists win.

  • slightlyaboveaverage

    Worse than imagined:
    Generic ‘Cookies and cream.’
    Not real Oreos (TM)!


  • 13times

    Halal ice cream, must cost a fortune to produce.

    I scream, she scream, when they honor kill for ice cream !

  • wygy

    My therapist has already pointed out to me that I tend to ‘conspiracey theories’, so the rest of you needn’t. But I could not help wondering if the FLOTUS, Michelle, might be troubled about the prospect of obese detainees.

    • ohthehugemanatee

      Maybe she can send them down some of those baskets she gifted to the UN delegates.

  • motionview

    I hear that at their weekly sessions it’s been cut back to mani or pedi.