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The Daily Caller

Not everybody hates the Democrats yet…

…but it’s still five weeks until the midterms! Here’s the latest:

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  • tman

    Really, Dukakis?

    Maybe he was trying to warn Obama not to play around any military equipment, lest he put on a helmet like a four year old and pretend to drive a tank.

    This would be useful information, after all..

  • ChickFight

    We must preface every report on the Stewart Colbert Rally for Crud n’ Stuff with the phrases, “predominately white…”, and “Comedy Central and HuffPo Sponsored…”

    As in – Breaking News: The predominately white, Comedy Central and HuffPo sponsored, Stewart / Colbert Rally for Pretend was held today.

    • thesauce


  • irwinhandleman

    i’m shocked you didn’t mention the other results of that poll:

    bp: total positive 12 total negative 50
    pelosi: total positive 22 total negative 50
    sarah palin: total positive 30 total negative 48

    oh, and barack obama:

    total positive 47 total negative 41

    the tea party? positive 30, negative 36

    but i guess that kinda hurts your line of b.s.

    • Jim Treacher

      Yes, Brian, Pelosi is very popular and the Democrats are doing fine.

      • irwinhandleman

        yeah, and sarah palin’s gonna be president!

        • bluehen

          And Brian is going to get a clue as to the subject of the thread. Any day now. 435 seats in the House up for election, whether Democrats and Pelosi will retain control there is in question, and Brian hides behind Sarah Palins’ skirt.

        • theprofessor

          cries brian while in a fetal position, sucking his thumb…

        • Jim Treacher

          Whatever you need to do to take your mind off November, Brian.

  • Jonathan Lamb

    Dukakis is still alive?