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‘Predominantly white crowd’

The DNC just sent out this pic of Obama in Madison yesterday, with the subject line, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.” They’re right, but not for the reason they think:

This was taken right before he stomped back to the podium and scolded them for not clapping loudly enough. But the point is: predominantly white crowds are bad, except when they’re not.

  • http://to-god-and-country.blogspot.com flataffect

    Most of the other commenters noticed the same thing I did. Professor Althouse blogged that signs and posters were not allowed past security checkpoints, although what that has to do with security, I don’t fathom.

    Basically, this was a tame crowd, and probably larger than expected since most of the people couldn’t get into that square.

  • fallon1977

    I’m confused…

    How did Obama get the tea partiers to hold those union printed signs?

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  • bmcrober

    Not a hand-made sign in view. It looks like a campaign rally for him, and not much beyond astro-turf-type enthusiasm.

  • 28tudor

    One thing that caught my attention is the O in vote. He’s not on the ballot, yet it’s all still about him.

    • ladylove

      it has always been about him.

  • skink

    “OMG! And they’re auctioning off that black guy on the stage!”

    It DOES look like a Klan rally.

  • tree hugging sister

    You KNOW what REALLY bugs the cah-rap out of me? That Obama frickin’ cult circle STILL in the middle of EVERYTHING. I mean, BOOOOSH didn’t have a white on black background capital “W” schmack in the middle of his signs once the campaign was (dare I say it…?) “O.V.E.R.”, did he?

    Give it a rest, Elvis! Trust me. The few bumper stickers still haunting the highways are, “O”, enough.