Richard Blumenthal lied, and it should matter

Fourth, Blumenthal did not merely use the wrong preposition (in rather than during).  His “misstatements” were clearly calculated to gain him the sympathy of “returning veterans.”  When he said in 2008 he had “served in Vietnam,” he was purporting to educate his audience in what has been “learned since then” — i.e., how we should treat “returning veterans.”  In 2003, in comments about American troops serving oversees, he also discussed what he saw “when we returned.”  Richard Blumenthal wanted to be perceived as a sympathetic “returning veteran,” and so he lied.  Deliberately.  More than once.

That lie should have some electoral consequence, even if Richard Blumenthal himself is not even remotely taking “full responsibility.”

Kendrick Macdowell is a lawyer and writer in Washington, D.C.