Ron Paul books trip to Iowa — but will he run for president in 2012?

Republican Rep. Ron Paul is planning a trip to Iowa later this month, an organizer there confirms, as he considers a run for president again in 2012.

Paul will speak at the Iowa Memorial Union at the University of Iowa on Oct. 29, according to Young Americans for Liberty organizer and college student Ani DeGroot. Iowa’s caucuses will kick off the presidential nominating contest in 2012.

Paul, whose spokespeople did not return requests for comment on the Iowa trip, told The Daily Caller this summer that he hadn’t decided if he would challenge President Obama for re-election, but predicted that Republicans will be more open than they were in 2008 to nominating a libertarian-minded candidate. “I think there’s no doubt about it,” Paul said during that interview.

DeGroot said the Young Americans for liberty organization reached out to Paul to request his presence. While she said students there are enthused by a Paul presidential candidacy, the visit is not just about that. “It’s not focused on 2012,” she said.

But 2012 is certainly on Paul’s mind. As for what it would take to get him to run, Paul has maintained that he’d be more likely to run if the economy is still in shambles and troops are still bogged down in Afghanistan.

“I suspect the economic crisis is going to get a lot worse,” he told TheDC. “If it is, than the country becomes even more open to free-market alternatives. And I think that is going to stir my interest.”

If past attempts at Paul running for president are any indication of when he will make his intentions known, in 2007, he announced the formation of a presidential exploratory committee in January.

At the Iowa event, Paul will speak in a room that can accommodate 1,100, but another room will likely be used if more show up, DeGroot said.

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  • CK4RP

    He represented real HOPE and real CHANGE in 2008 but “he couldn’t win”. The United States will be fortunate indeed if we get another chance to elect Ron Paul.

  • kcscoops

    I would love to see him in the debates again holding the rino’s feet to the fire. He’s the only one who doesn’t waffle and knows what he’s talking about. I think he makes perfect sense and his message is more meaningful today than ever before. I think the public would find him refreshing. Of course, heads would explode throughout the MSM. I hope he runs.

  • logic

    Libertarian thought could unify people in a way that the Republicrats never could. Combine fiscal conservatism, governing by the Constitution, and “liberal” social positions, Libertarians can find support from all sides. The only group of people I can’t ever see supporting Libertarians would be RINOs in government or anybody else who is a religious right-wing, war loving social bigot. Not that Lindsey Graham comes to mind or anything…

  • talibangelical

    I wonder what the Tea Party will think about Ron Paul SUPPORTING the Islamic Community Center planned for 2 blocks away from Ground Zero. Will that make their heads spin off?

    Problem is Paul is actually not on Dick Army or Sarah Palin’s payroll and actually has beliefs, not just political opinions. I do not agree with him on many things, but at least appreciate he sticks to his guns. The fake Tea Party folks will never support him.

  • Brian Brawdy

    Shock, Lies and Libertarians. http://t.co/aU58rl1

  • kitmaira

    “As for what it would take to get him to run, Paul has maintained that he’d be more likely to run if the economy is still in shambles and troops are still bogged down in Afghanistan.”

    So, since the economy will surely be in the crapper and we’ll never be out of Afghanistan under the present administration, I guess that means that Dr. Paul will be running!

  • Rational_Texan

    Ah yes, the father of the REAL Tea Party. Run, Paul, run!!!

  • rocco

    CALLING ALL PAULYS! CALLING ALL PAULYS! Wake up! Get ready to roll.