At least one candidate for Congress has fellated a reindeer dildo nose


If you’re an attractive woman named Krystal Ball, you already need to overcome some hurdles to be taken seriously as a congressional candidate (e.g., the “Is she a stripper?” hurdle). So literally the last thing you need are photos of you dressed in a sexy outfit and sucking on a dildo being worn as a nose by a man in a reindeer costume to get leaked on the Internet, which is what happened this week to Ball, a 28-year-old Democrat with no prior political experience running for Congress in Virginia’s solidly red 1st district. Other photos, which were posted by a conservative blog, show Ball pulling reindeer-dildo-face by a leash, getting poked in her nether regions, and in the process of licking what appears to be a tiny vibrator. But it’s not as bad as it sounds!


Ball is not a stripper, despite her name, but a mother, a CPA, and a small-business owner. The photos were taken at a holiday party six years ago when Ball was only 22, and the reindeer with the dildo on his nose is Ball’s ex-husband (she has since remarried).

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