At least one candidate for Congress has fellated a reindeer dildo nose

If you’re an attractive woman named Krystal Ball, you already need to overcome some hurdles to be taken seriously as a congressional candidate (e.g., the “Is she a stripper?” hurdle). So literally the last thing you need are photos of you dressed in a sexy outfit and sucking on a dildo being worn as a nose by a man in a reindeer costume to get leaked on the Internet, which is what happened this week to Ball, a 28-year-old Democrat with no prior political experience running for Congress in Virginia’s solidly red 1st district. Other photos, which were posted by a conservative blog, show Ball pulling reindeer-dildo-face by a leash, getting poked in her nether regions, and in the process of licking what appears to be a tiny vibrator. But it’s not as bad as it sounds!


Ball is not a stripper, despite her name, but a mother, a CPA, and a small-business owner. The photos were taken at a holiday party six years ago when Ball was only 22, and the reindeer with the dildo on his nose is Ball’s ex-husband (she has since remarried).

Full Story: At Least One Candidate for Congress Has Fellated a Reindeer Dildo Nose — Daily Intel

  • Momma M

    Recently we were ALL thrilled with the “rescue” of the 8-year old in California….

    I am so grateful that Mr. Perez, due to his character and determination, was able to save this child – this time…. But the truth is, this happens daily, … perhaps hourly, all over this country.

    How do we address these threats to innocent victims, children? Have we so corrupted the moral fiber of this country? There can be no doubt. But many will call “social conservatives” an extremist right-wing group of nuts… But this is what it boils down to folks.

    When we turn on a so-called “child friendly” show… and the star, a wildly popular role model of young girls, is dancing on a stripper pole… WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Yes, Miley had a right to “express herself”. Disney had the right to use this girl and her character to boost their ratings. Parents have a right to allow or disallow their children to tune into the program. Everyone has their legal RIGHTS… But where, as a society do we draw the line between personal rights of expression -and- personal rights to a civilized society?

    Don’t I have a right go to a public park and enjoy the day without seeing FAR to much skin… on 10 year olds? They’re dressing and acting like their role models… They’re strutting their stuff like they’re big girls… But they are NOT. THEY ARE OUR CHILDREN and they deserve a better example than what we give them….

    Yes, You have a right to expressive freedom – You have a right to suck on a dildo at a Christmas Party while knowingly having your picture taken.. Yes .. YOU do have that legal right. But, like with the burning of the Koran, is it the RIGHT thing to do?

    We, as a nation, must draw the line somewhere. How many children and innocents victims will it take before we address this country’s weakening moral fiber?

    Do what you want in the privacy of your home, … but leave it out of TV, Movies, Commericals and… yes Christmas Parties.

  • elyriaohio

    Well, she’s no hypocrite when it comes to sex.

  • pepito

    Ah-hahahahahahahaha, a typical democrat. So, what else is new. The dullard with the antlers is her doofus democrat husband who’s ready to lick the dildo right after her…

  • sunnyr

    Sickening. Do we want more classless idiots in Congress? We already have Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Dirty Harry Reid, Charlie Rangle, and that despicable maggot from Florida who ran the deceptive ad against his opponent, god, I can’t even remember the slimeballs name but he is a real classless dirtbag. ENOUGH!

    • LibertarianRepublican

      Don’t be such a freaking prude! She’s having fun at a party with her HUSBAND! You don’t know anything about the personal details of this woman. And Sunny (I assume your a woman) have you never fellatio’ed anyone or anything???

      This type of BS is why we never get good candidates. Twits like you are so concerned with someone being perfect the only people who get to run are lying, dishonest crooks who are good at HIDING their personal flaws!


  • Citizen Jerry

    Now there’s a real classy woman. And who’s the dullard with the antlers?

  • Taters N Beans

    Guessing her ex put these out. Either way she is HOT!