Grambling under FIRE for speech restrictions

He and his colleagues have awarded Grambling their tongue-in-cheek “Speech Code of the Month” award, and called them to respond by October 15th. “FIRE hopes to resolve this situation amicably and swiftly,” and not just because of the public or legal pressure, but because the university would be better off without the “chilling effect” on discourse.

According to Kissel, “we almost always win free speech fights through public attention, because the public understands that free speech is very important, especially political speech. So we count on the citizens of Louisiana… to give Grambling State University a call and say, ‘Why aren’t you giving your full citizenship rights of freedom of speech to your own students and faculty members?’”

Click here to listen to an 11-minute interview with FIRE Director Adam Kissel.

Fergus Hodgson is the Capitol Bureau Reporter with the Pelican Institute for Public Policy. He can be contacted at [email protected], and one can follow him on Twitter.