Former running mate launches attack on Cahill

Tim Cahill’s former running mate this afternoon launched a blistering counterattack against him, accusing the state Treasurer and independent-party candidate of wheeling and dealing with his Democratic rival Deval Patrick’s top political consultant and being the “spoiler” that some political observers have pegged him.

“Most disturbing, however, was Tim’s admission during our meeting that his top political adviser, Neil Morrison, has been in direct communications with Doug Rubin,” Paul Loscocco, who left the Republican Party to join Cahill’s campaign, said in a statement.

Loscocco accused Rubin, Patrick’s top political strategist and a former employee of Cahill’s, of coordinating a negative ad strategy against GOP rival Charlie Baker, whom Loscocco has now endorsed.

Full Story: Former running mate launches attack on Cahill – BostonHerald.com

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  • teapartypatriot

    If Baker defeats “You Lie!” hussein’s pet Patrick in November, along with the other possible massive upsets, everybody would HAVE to conclude that the lunatic-left d-crat socialist party was crushed beyond recognition and that their tax-and-spend/big government extremism was totally and completely rejected by American voters. The fun part will be in how the lamestream socialist media stooges spin that into something good and great for their beloved Messiah and how many invectives they use to castigate the voters for their racist, bigoted, uninformed and stupid vote.