Keith Olbermann, champion fundraiser: We watch, because we’re paid to

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1: On September 22, Keith Olbermann flew into his 782nd rage about Fox News, specifically about “what we all know, but Fox doesn‘t want anyone to confirm: Their supposed news network constitutes a fundraising arm of the Republican Party.” This particular apoplexy was prompted by Sharron Angle’s shocking revelation that she considers Fox a “friendly” press outlet.

MSNBC, of course, is different. It’s no fundraising arm for anyone, right? Well, partly true. It doesn’t have enough viewers to be an effective fundraising arm for anyone. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t try. Tonight, nine days after Olbermann’s outrage over Fox, his own guest, Democratic strategist Steve Hildebrand said the following on air in a discussion about the New York race for governor:

“Andrew Cuomo is a good, sincere, honest guy, and we ought to elect him the next governor of this great state.”

Olbermann let this stand completely unchallenged, moving on to a question about the governor’s race in California. Sounds pretty “friendly” to me.

Later, Olbermann hilariously tried to take credit for the resignation of Rahm Emanuel as White House chief of staff by connecting it to an interview given to Rolling Stone by a deputy press secretary. Even if you enjoy watching Keith Olbermann humiliate himself, this question posed to frequent guest Richard Wolffe is almost too much:

“Did this have anything to do with the president‘s criticism of Fox News or the kind words that Bill Burton had for me and Rachel on Monday? Is there a tonal change or is all of it temporal coincidence?”

Oh dear god in heaven, Keith, you ridiculous narcissist. Rahm Emanuel did not step down because Bill Burton said something nice about you. Unless you believe that the Chicago election cycle is about you. Which you might.

Then, fittingly for a boring show that never breaks news, Olbermann read a short story called “The Dog That Bit People” — not quite “Dog Bites Man,” but close enough.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 4: Tonight’s “Countdown” included a segment about Sharron Angle, an interview with Howard Fineman, and Glenn Beck was one of the Worst People in the World.

Quiz: Did I actually watch tonight’s show, or did I just guess, knowing there is a 95 percent chance on any given night that the above would be true?

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5: Tonight, one of the strangest segments I’ve never seen on “Countdown” — and I’ve seen Olbermann interview both his own hand and a character named Aqua Buddha, so that’s really saying something.

What could top that? A straight-faced interview with a clown and a witch on the subject of Christine O’Donnell. To be exact, a straight-faced interview with comedian “Angry Bob” dressed up as a clown, and Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto dressed up as a witch. Yes, he’s still doing Christine O’Donnell witch jokes. No, they’re not funny yet. And don’t even ask about the clown.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6: Meanwhile, back in the real world, the New York Times reported today that head honchos at are mulling a name change. Why? “The brand of, a strictly objective news Web site, is widely confused with MSNBC.” I can’t imagine why that’s a problem, can you?

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7: Tonight Olbermann welcomed former auto czar Steven Rattner as a guest, and the two of them crowed about the great success of the Cash for Clunkers program that gave people a check for trading in their old car for a newer, energy-efficient one. Never mind that the program spent millions just to bump auto sales up a few months instead of creating more new sales overall, and that is also raised used car prices for the people who can’t, you know, afford to buy brand-new cars. I said NEVER MIND. The important thing is alliteration, and most experts agree that the phrase “cash for clunkers” is alliterative. Your tax dollars at work! Er, your salary at service.

Olbermann then excoriated Lou Dobbs in the Worst Person in the World segment, based on a report in the Nation that anti-immigration crusader and former CNN host employed illegal laborers. Olbermann accused Dobbs of “hiding behind his daughter’s skirts,” and read Dobbs’s official statement on the matter in a weird high-pitched mumbling voice. I guess it was supposed to be an impression, but it was truly bizarre; Olbermann later tweeted that it was based on British actor Wilfrid Lawson’s performance in the 1966 movie “The Wrong Box,” which somehow makes the whole thing more awful.

An hour later on MSNBC, Olbermann’s former guest host Lawrence O’Donnell tried something different: His new show, “The Last Word,” hosted a spirited debate between Dobbs and the writer for the Nation who exposed him. In other words, instead of reading a press release in the voice of a character in a mid-1960s film flop, O’Donnell actually called up the principles and engaged them in an interesting, news-furthering conversation. It sounds crazy, but this just might be the future.

  • yaojiefangl

    Google in the input: www. you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o

  • truebearing

    Talitool is a troll sent by the ever so stable Keith Olberwoman. It may even be Keith himself. They share a number of things: the same lack-wit style, self-righteousness tinged with a certain delusional quality, oppositional-defiant personality, hanging on where they are not wanted (in Olbermann’s case that would be anywhere), no friends.

    • talibangelical

      Thank you kind sir, I count you amongst my friends!

  • RHO1953

    Oh, is Olbermann still on the air? I only read the Nielsen ratings down to about seventh place.

    • talibangelical

      Your logic is irefudiatable. And using that logic, the Daily Caller is irrelevant compared to more popular political blogging sites. I suggest you go to the Daily Beast, Salon or HuffPo, all of which are much more popular than the Daily Caller.

  • HollyW79

    “Keith Olbermann’s Mom Evicts Him from Basement!”

  • goldbeachbiker

    @ Tali:

    You had me at “Fiorina is a moron ..” You are a moron.

    • talibangelical

      Yes, I am a moron, I agree. However, I did not ship thousands of jobs overseas while running HP into the ground before being dismissed from HP by furious BOD.

      Listen I truly love the free market, why do you hate it so much? When a American corporation humiliates an incompetent CEO publicly for incompetence, why is she still a viable rep just because she slaps and (R) behind her name? Can’t you do better than this?

      • thephranc

        You aren’t competent enough to be a CEO of a Dairy Queen franchises clean up crew staffed by downsyndrom sufferers so there is no way you could be CEO of something as big as HP.

        • talibangelical

          I agree and this is why I am not running for Senate. However my point was about Fiorina and how she was fired for almost destroying HP.

  • Lumberjack42

    Hey nitwit, leave Tucker Carlson alone.
    You only WISH you had a tenth of his knowledge!

    • talibangelical

      Knowledge I am sure he has much more of then I do. I agree he is a smart dude full of facts, and unlike most pundits, he rarely lies. Again, I am mocking the lack of traffic on this site, not his views.

      • thephranc

        And we mock you for the lack of intelligence you bring to the table or the intellectual honest needed to be credible or relevant.

        • talibangelical

          I think you mean “intellectual honesty”. See, that is funny because you got that wrong. Don’t feel bad, we all do it.

  • talibangelical

    The Daily Caller calling out MSNBC for a lack of viewers? Really? The Daily Caller??

    This website is a ghost town. The only stories that get any tracking involve dildo sucking candidates and alleged soda pop bans. Not even PE Cupp can get people around here going. The only reason Tucker is not on MSNBC anymore is he was let go. As he was by CNN. What’s next Tuck, local access? Oh yea, wait…you work for Fox now. Fair and balanced and no conflict in this reporting.

    • bananabee

      talibangelical, youre a tool. Go back to DailyKos and whine about Bush some more. November, baby, November!

      • talibangelical

        Why do you suggest that just because I am commenting on the lack of people visiting this site that I have some sort of political agenda? Hey, I agree, elections count and Repubs did such a great job from 2001-2007 that we can all look forward to the O’Donnell-Angle-Fiorina brain-trust running things. Oh wait, at least two of them will not be in office then.

        And you are right, I am a tool. The sweet hammer of justice baby! I am staying right here on the DC.

        • Chris Thomas

          I’m kinda aiming for more of a return to 1981-1989. No one one here was too happy with the was W. walked out of the White House. I know I wasn’t. I was pretty upset at the way he left the country and some of the things he allowed the Washington Elites to accomplish in his last two years. Hell I even cringed when voting for McCain. I felt like I was giving my car keys to a guy with only one good eye….but then it beat voting for the guy who was lacking both, had been drinking for a week straight and tried to do it all from the back seat!!

          • talibangelical

            Chris, while I totally do not agree with you, I sincerely can appreciate your point of view and we can agree to disagree….It is great to finally find someone posting here who has a point of view bases on belief and reason without all the phony buzz words. The reality is Goldwater and Reagan would not be acceptable to most of today’s Republicans.

        • goldbeachbiker

          Hey, tali, get a grip. The O’Donnell-Angle-Fiorina brain-trust you so disparage, could run circles around the Pelosi-Reid-Obama comedy. You need to seriously find out if Olbermann would have you on; you’d fit right in! See you in November, turkey. Looks like 55 seats, or better. are going Republican.

          • talibangelical

            It may be that you blindly support all Repub candidates regardless of their ability, views or intelligence, but don’t assume I do the same. Why do you assume that just because I think O’Donnell-Angle-Fiorina are morons that I think all Repubs are morons…oh wait, because you think every single Dem is a moron, right?

            Well, don’t assume I have the limited intellectual capacity you have. I can actually have views other than Repub=good and Dem=bad.

            And seriously, do you really think O’Donnell (tax cheat, former witch, pretend Oxford-Princeton grad, jobless, career publicity hound) could run circles around anyone….including you or me? Seriously? I think this (and it happens on both sides) is when it again becomes laughable. Guess what – John Edwards is a sleaze, and Vitter and Morris like prostitutes, Charlie Rangle might go to jail for the same reasons O’Donnell will.

            Just because someone has a conservative or progressive point of view does not make them wrong or right, smart or stupid. But when you pretend it does, it makes all of your points dismissible.

        • goldbeachbiker

          one more thing, tali, the dems have been in charge for FOUR years now (don’t forget about dem congressional control ’07 and ’08). thank them for f(*&^%g everything up. specifically Dodd and Frank, in case you forgot. I haven’t. Neither has the electorate.

          • talibangelical

            Yes, I agree. Bush was still not in charge from 2006-8 and Cheney was busy trying to stay out of jail. Everything else is the fault of the Democrats. All of it. Trust your elected officials as long as they are Republicans. All Republicans are great and all Dems are bad. Period. All of them. That makes sense. Thanks!

          • behonest

            Does anyone blame the bozo’s Dodd,Cuomo,Frank for the actual downfall of the housing market. There are tapes all over their actual words plus of warnings. The Dems in congress held the purse strings since Jan 2007! Does anyone remember the Schip mess dragging out the children and the poor parents in Maryland,what a joke that was and Bush VETOED that bill saying people making up to $80,000 a year can get free health care for the kids. GIVE ME A BREAK. What does Obama do one of the first bills he signs is the schips bill. My question since I have the right to ask, I am smoking my brains out FOR THE KIDS. Why did we need a health reform to take care of kids who had preconditions?
            I think the libs need to put down the pot and start smoking cigs and really help the kids.

    • southernandproud

      You can mock all you want. You can also take your lack of class and return to the Huff hate post or the Daily Kos classless pages. No one care what you think here.

      • goldbeachbiker

        Tali is a “paid troll”, and not a very good one at that. I think he/she was booted from Olbermannn’s payroll. He has in 25 words or less identified himself/herself as a progressive who sees the handwriting on the wall – the end of progressivism in America. He/she is pissed. Hopefully, he/she will go away soon.

        • talibangelical

          For me to be a “paid troll” there would actually have to be significant readership on this site. Sadly, I do this out of the kindness of own heart.

          • bananabee

            Kindness of your own heart or…….lack of girlfriend? You have to be the most passive-aggressive, think-skinned troll I’ve ever come across but the sheer number of your posts suggests that you certainly have a lot of free time on your hands……must be nice still living with your parents!

      • talibangelical

        “No one care what you think here.” Exactly! Because no one comes to this site! Thank you.

        • goldbeachbiker

          you do! LOLROFLMAO

    • jonavark

      AM am interested in what your point is to come to a relatively new site and whine to the bloggers about how many bloggers are here.

      As few as they are, we could do with one less liberal nut-jockey trying to attract attention to itself.

      Looking at your posts I really don’t understand why you are here. Do you have an over-inflated sense of self importance? Frustrated that the Conservatives are edging out your pals? Do you really think you will have some affect on our morale by coming here and blurting old talking points?

      It’s a free internet. So sorry your mom forced you to come here. We’ll have a talk with her next time we see her.

      • jonavark

        AM am —- >”I am”

        don’t want to confuse anyone

      • talibangelical

        I don’t want to bust up your little circle jerk here where everyone with an opinion other than yours is a commie/liberal. And since you decide to bring the “mom” thing into it, makes me realize what I am dealing with here.

        Have fun blaming the lame-stream media (other than your network that is owned by Aussies and Saudis) for everything that is wrong in your life. I think I will take my Easy Bake Oven and go home now.


        • bananabee

          Nobody said anything about commies. You’re projecting and stereotyping, while insisting that others dare not do the same. Deny, argue, obfuscate all you want…’re a typical obnoxious liberal. November is coming, Baby!

    • thephranc

      How many sites like this are there to divide viewers on the internet? Now how many are cable news stations are there to divide viewers?