New Jersey Tea Party candidate was a Democratic plant, report says

CAMDEN COUNTY — Democratic leaders in southern New Jersey recruited a fake Tea Party candidate to try to draw votes away from a Republican challenger in the 3rd District congressional race, according to a report in the Courier-Post of Cherry Hill.

Several Democratic operatives who spoke to the newspaper on the condition of anonymity detailed how the campaign of first-term Democratic U.S. Rep. John Adler ran the petition drive and are running a campaign for picture framer Peter DeStefano.

Polls show that Adler is in a tight race against Republican challenger Jon Runyan. DeStefano, Adler and top officials in Adler’s campaign did not immediately return calls or e-mails from the AP this morning.

Previously, they have denied Republicans’ accusations that DeStefano was a plant.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Hasselberger/1483916944 Jeff Hasselberger

    One part of South Jersey (the functional part) is pretty solidly Republican. The rest is and has been Democrat since forever. As Dems go, Adler isn’t so bad, but he replaced a longtime GOP congressman 2 years ago. The GOP wants the seat back and is running retired Philadelphia Eagles center, Jon Runyan — not a strong politician. The race is close.

    If you want to put your snout in the public trough around these parts, you pretty much have to cozy up to Dem power broker George Norcross, a banker who has run the southern part of the state for years. Georgie doesn’t tolerate Republicans and would like to banish them from the state forever — they tend to prosecute his friends for corruption and he could be feeling some heat.

  • Croatan

    What is going on here? A newspaper publishing a negative story about a Democrat? The “End of Days” truly is approaching.

  • brettrow

    Dems are so classy. Truly they are high moral individuals

    • esby

      It’s not just the Dems: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/07/us/politics/07candidates.html?_r=3.

      I’m expecting a principled response.

      • mugwump

        Not really the same thing is it? I mean, are you trying to imply that these homeless people and mentally ill people in Arizona are somehow closet Republicans? Hilarious. Democrats have a lock on the homeless and mentally ill crowd. That is why they petitioned the Government of California for the right to enter mental health facilities and register Dementia patients to vote.

        These peoples’ views are much more in line with the Green Party than the Republican party, no matter who helped them complete their ballot requirements. Yet the Democrats want them removed from the ballot? Very anti-American.

        Now, about the NJ case…does the candidate really believe in the same values as the Tea Party, or is he LYING? Not really sure, don’t know enough about him. But if he really stands for what he says, well, that’s OK, no matter who helped him get on the ballot. But if he is just lying to draw off votes… well, that is totally different from your example.

      • The_anniebanannie

        utilities board vs. United States Congress.
        running openly as a Green party candidate vs. lying and pretending you’re something you’re not

        yes, that’s exactly the same thing.

        • esby

          It’s the same thing.