Who’s the bigger jerk, Jon Stewart or CNN?

Jon Stewart is the bigger jerk by far.  CNN is the smaller jerk.

Someone explain to me how anyone gets fired, as Rick Sanchez did from CNN, for taking a shot at Jon Stewart?  Jon Stewart makes his living, believe it or not, by smearing people’s reputation.  It matters not to his network how wrong or intellectually lax Stewart is, or even if he’s flat out lying. In the end all he contributes to journalism is his incessantly calling people “douche.”  A clear matter of projection.

Jon Stewart then hides behind his moniker of comedian (clown) to say that he should get a pass.  This hypocrite complains about bad tones in American politics, and is having a faux rally about that, while being the most prolific contributor to mean-spiritedness in American politics.

You remember Jon Stewart from grammar school, don’t you?  He was the kid with the big mouth who would ridicule people endlessly while standing in the sightline and safety of teachers, but when you cornered him alone he would swear he was “only kidding” so you wouldn’t kick his ass.  What a wimp.  Now he makes a living at being that wimp.

No one should ever get fired for doing to Stewart what Stewart does to everyone else. I propose a law that as a condition of employment in America, everyone has to make fun of Jon Stewart daily. You can’t punch in until you do.  I’ll go first: Since most of his show degenerates into Jon making weird noises and odd faces, he’s clearly copied Jerry Lewis’ act.

Rick Sanchez may have gotten fired from CNN for saying, “Jews control the media.” As an aside, note that his interviewer, Pete Dominick, didn’t get fired for making such points in that same interview as Jews should go after Jews, it’s OK to use stereotypes and no one in Nebraska will hire a Jew.  No bigotry there, Pete?

So let’s talk about CNN, before getting back to that sissy Jon Stewart.  While saying “Jews control the media” is factually incorrect, it’s hardly a “bigoted” thing to say about Jews.  Look at what Jews are being accused of there — nothing morally corrupt.  They are not being accused of controlling truly immoral enterprises like drug cartels, illegal arms dealerships or MTV.  It’s news!  I’ll tell you what — as a journalist, I’d LOVE IT if I reached such a pinnacle in my career that I was accused of controlling all media.  Please — start the rumor; just as with Jews it wouldn’t be true, but it would hardly be a bigoted statement of judgmental contempt, either.

Now, is CNN consistent in their position that when one utters “Jews control the media” the network must distance itself from the personality who said it?  In July, Oliver Stone said “Jews dominate the media.”  To distance themselves from Stone, CNN issued a statement condemning the remark and vowed Stone would never be allowed on CNN again.  Just kidding.  Since then CNN has allowed Oliver Stone on that whoremaster Elliot Spitzer’s show to hawk his latest movie and call Sarah Palin a moron. CNN is certainly a hypocritical jerk.  Just not as big of a jerk as Jon Stewart.

Rick Sanchez has called Stewart to apologize, and it’s obvious why he did.  Every media outlet in the universe is painting him as a bigot, and unless Latinos suddenly assume control of the media, there is no way to beat back the falsity of that claim.  The only way he gets another job is by apologizing for what he didn’t do.

  • anon

    I like Jon Stewart’s style of comparative journalism. You know, how he reports something recently said by an ignorant moron, and then shows earlier footage of them completely contradicting themselves? If you ask me, that’s the most honest journalism you’ll find these days. If you’re going to criticize his comedy, fine. It’s not suitable to everybody’s tastes. But don’t make him out to be the left’s version of FOX news. You say he’s in the business of smearing reputations… but can you honestly sit there and tell me that neither FOX, CNN, MSNBC, nor any other news station isn’t guilty of the EXACT same thing? For one, is it really smearing someone’s reputation if he shows a clip of their blatantly obvious screw up? That’s like blaming Youtube instead of Rebecca Black for that GOD AWFUL SONG “Friday”. Honestly, do the people he highlights really need his help most of the time? No. And secondly, how on earth can you say that his show is destructive to political debate? Didn’t he have a huge rally to stop the constant right side / left side bickering and to start coming to terms on issues? Like there isn’t enough spit balling going on from both ends–it doesn’t make sense to blame it all on Jon Stewart. Stop finger pointing and come to the realization that no matter what side you’re on, you’re most likely naming names, smearing reputations, and blaming an issue on someone else. Basically, you’re all jerks. Grow up, an start realizing we’re fucked as a nation and we’d better start getting along at some point if we want to make it through the hard times we’re facing.

  • robb32

    Who cares? Does anybody ever watch Cnn anymore anyway? Wait!…I guess those people have parents too..ok, maybe a couple hundred

  • unmutual

    The way that the Daily Caller dissects Olbermann on a weekly basis, they ought to do the same to Stewart, Colbert and Maher.

  • llama

    “Tommy” – I normally try to respond to things I read on here with some degree of respect – can’t do it this time – your comments are just plain stupid. While a criticism of Stewart might be in order – yours is just idiotic.

  • minicapt

    “… he’s clearly copied Jerry Lewis’ act.”
    No, Jerry is a comedian and amuses people who enjoy comedy.


  • Sonny Palermo

    The ‘stache is a little on the ‘Jeremy’ side, but the article is spot on; nice work, Mr. D.

    I guess the worst that can be said of Stewart is he’s just not funny (regardless of what the cronyism dominated, liberal rigged Emmy’s would like you to believe.) Unwatchable since Kilborn bailed . . .

  • Newly Minted

    Why I stopped watching Jon Stewart:

    He ran a story about a Christian who was in trouble at work for quietly stating that he thought that homosexual actions were immoral.

    Stewart characterized this man’s beliefs as “saying that you and your loved ones will burn in hell.”

    He’s just another leftist hack, albeit one who sometimes attacks the media, not for being leftist, but for being lazy. Which they are.

    • daniel518

      Bigotry of any kind has no place in the workplace. By siding with the so called ‘Christian’, you help feed the hatred that causes young teens to take their own life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Olsen/100000663102774 Chris Olsen

    What Stewart and Colbert do for money is destructive to honest and open political debate. They profit and thrive on personal hatred, ridicule and character assassination. They need to be taken down in order to restore intelligent debate to the political spectrum which is what they fear the most.
    You can’t do it with a camera rolling or on a radio show because that will just get edited and used against you in front of his willfully uninformed audience.

    I would suggest that it has to be done with the written word. He can still work his twisted clown magic by selectively choosing bits and pieces that serve his lefty propagandist agenda but it will knock the wind out of him and his editors. Imagine Stewie without the sound bites and video clips. He’ll be stuck with reading to his audience. It’ll be much more difficult to find gaffes and ridicule someone’s tone out of context. Writers tend not to make gaffes since they can simply go back and edit them out themselves.

    These creeps need to get ripped on. Start ripping.

    • johno413

      Taken down? Really? I think Stewart and Colbert do little to harm the political discourse overall. They are humorists, or whatever, and especially Stewart brings facts to light. He twists things often, but as much for humor as for any malicious or evil ends. The network doesn’t misrepresent their work and they don’t look to get their message out to a broad audience. If fact, their audience is quite limited. So, overall, their effect is that of preaching to the choir. No no will seriously turn to Comedy Central for information.

      On the other hand, Sanchez was positioned as a part of a hard news network. He was supposed to be balanced and factual. Dolt that he is, he continually made erroneous and charged accusations and statements, on air. That he showed that he wasn’t very intelligent with his questions is not likely what concerned CNN. But he was a dud for them from a business perspective. I suspect they were looking for a way to get rid of him, and he delivered it to them on a silver platter.

  • torispelling

    Umm… Rick Sanchez isn’t really a law-abiding citizen. He struck a dude with his car. His blood/alcohol level was over the legal limit. Plus, he fled the scene and later returned.

  • gooners

    Nice ‘stache.