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You just keep leaning forward, Keith

Yesterday we showed you Keith Olbermann’s contribution to MSNBC’s great new “Lean Forward” campaign. You know, the one that’s going to turn everything around and make people watch their channel. Why would anybody want to miss this?

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Now a preliminary version of that ad has surfaced:

YouTube Preview Image

Apparently, MSNBC thought this was a bit too accurate in depicting what Keith’s show is really all about. Good call, MSNBC!

Hat tip: The Daily Caller’s own Mary Katharine Ham. (And I helped.)

P.S. These guys are self-parodying: MSNBC President Claims ‘We’re Not Trying to Push Democratic Talking Points’

  • ron8072

    Maybe he will now just go away. That is change I can believe in.

  • iEatMedia

    this is clearl… wait! what’s that music? hmmm, thought i heard something
    this is clearly noth…. WAIT! there it is again! the eerie high notes of a piano. grating on the nerves. it MUST mean something! it must mean that what i am typing is Profound and Genius!!!!!!
    i must persevere and continue my important work. it MUST be done!!

    This is clearly nothing other than Horsecrap.

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  • mojo

    What, upset by Keef’s penchant for televising his bouts of psychological masturbation?

    You probably are afraid of clowns, too. I know I am. Nasty, big-shoed bastards…

  • Rachel Maddow

    I do too know a fact when I see it! Didn’t you watch my interview with Art Robinson? I kicked his posterior. I could have also wrote “gluteus maximus” but I didn’t want to confuse you stupid tea-baggers. Me and Keith is smarter tahn all of you!


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  • cat58

    oxycon the monkey probably saw his show. If I had to guess the poor monkey is wondering why he is the one on that side of the fence.

  • cat58

    madcow and olbermann wouldn’t know a fact if they leaned forward and it kicked them both in the ass.

    • talibangelical

      Yes! You are so right: He forgot to mention that Malkin is an Anchor-Baby. Her parents became US Citizens as a result of her being born here, they were not before hand. That would have been funny.

      • Jim Treacher

        And that’s why it’s okay to call her a “mashed-up bag of meat,” presumably.