Michelle Obama hits campaign trail

WASHINGTON – Michelle Obama, the first lady, will make her 2010 campaign debut in Milwaukee on Wednesday with a pitch for Americans to vote for Democrats as the party of families and children.

“You see, more than anything else, I come at this as a mom,” Mrs. Obama will say, according to excerpts of her campaign speech released by the White House. “When I think about the issues facing our nation, I think about what it means for my girls, and I think about what it means for the world we’re leaving for them and for all our children. As I travel around this country, and look into the eyes of every single child I meet, I see what’s at stake.”

Full Story: Michelle Obama Hits Campaign Trail – NYTimes.com

  • gibralto

    I actually like her face, Both of them.

  • recovered dem

    This rich selfish spendthrift, who is proud of her country for the first time a short while ago, thinks she’s entitled to lavish parties and expensive vacations on struggling taxpayer dollars. She stuffs her face while telling Americans how to feed their children and what to eat. Now she’s hustling for dollars to support to rich democrats.

  • teapartypatriot

    To replace the despised “You Lie!” hussein in campaigning for d-crat socialists, some on the lunatic-left are actually thinking that “for the first time in my life I’m proud of my country” michelle would be a good substitute. Here are her top 6 campaign events:

    1. She can show slides of her taxpayer-funded (only half a million dollars) vacation to the Spanish Riviera
    2. She can show slides of her previous SEVEN (7) other taxpayer-funded vacations SO FAR THIS YEAR!
    3. Unlike her role model, Marie Antoinette, she will not say “let them eat cake”, but she will actually pass out taxpayer-funded pieces of cake to her adoring audience.
    4. After the cake, she will tell her audience to purge themselves since cake is NOT A LUNATIC-LEFT D-CRAT SOCIALIST APPROVED food – and therefore must be removed from their systems.
    5. She will tell her audience that, like her, they should be ultimate ELITISTS and put their kids in the most expense ($30,000 per year) and exclusive PRIVATE schools; avoid those failed “public” schools in which NEA union goons and thugs (supported by taxpayer money provided by the lunatic-left d-crat socialist party for their votes and payback campaign contributions) mis-teach children.
    6. And last, but not least, she’ll show housewives who are struggling to put food on the table thanks to the failed economic policies of “You Lie!” hussein (unemployment benefits only go so far) that she struggles every bit as much as they do when it comes to dinner. For example, she’ll tell them how every day she and her staff (the biggest and most expensive FLOTUS staff in American history) work very hard at finding an elitist, expensive, world-famous gourmet chef to cook their dinner. They then have to make arrangements to fly the chef to the White House (at taxpayer expense) and provide him with every expensive, luxurious food item in existence (Kobe beef, beluga caviar, foie gras, truffles, imported wine and champagne, etc, etc. – again, at taxpayer expense) so the chef can produce a five-star gourmet meal for her golfing-tired husband and her spoiled-rotten brats. This should convince those housewives that michelle-marie has an EVEN HARDER time than they in providing her family a decent meal, and further establish the impression that “she is really just like them – an average American housewife”.

  • The_anniebanannie

    Aw, yes,,,,it’s all for the children, as long as they aren’t still in the womb.

  • RobR

    WOW. Knowing what SHE knows about how her & her husband , the supposed president of the United States , are f#cking those children and their children within an inch of their lives while she is…..what….starring them straight in the eyes………. is sick.

    This one is at the Top of her Game in liberal/ socialist / hypocrisy / hyperbole………do what I say , not as I do……..followed up with ruthless tactics of coecion and even a bit (of not so friendly) arm twisting……if she does not get her way.

    Yes , Michelle is the icing on Barack’s cake………Hugo Chavez and George Soros must be very proud indeed.

  • chuckh

    Look this witch can try to portray herself as just a mom. but I don’t know any moms that have $500 sneakers, take a Marie Antoinette style trips to Spain, has a staff of over 20 people to handle her social calendar and is not proud of her country.