Chris Matthews tears into Jack Conway for questionable ad attacking Rand Paul

Democrat Jack Conway ran into trouble defending his accusations against Kentucky Senate challenger Republican Rand Paul on MSNBC’s “Hardball” Monday night, with host Chris Matthews drilling Conway for a campaign ad attacking Paul.

Matthews interrogated Conway on why, as the attorney general of Kentucky, he would take an anonymous source at her word about allegations of questionable behavior by Paul from more than 30 years ago – including accusations that Paul tied the unnamed woman up and forced her to kneel before an “Aqua Buddha.”

Matthews said he thought it was pretty flimsy for a candidate to base his entire campaign on an anonymous source making allegations of questionable, but not necessarily illegal, behavior that is three decades old – and asked, to no clear answer, whether Conway ever did anything out of line while in college.

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Matthews backed off and asked a few softball questions before heading back into whether or not Conway was questioning Paul’s faith with his ad. Conway said he is not questioning Paul’s faith – he would only say, about Paul, “I think he has to answer why he mocks people of faith why he’s in college.”

WATCH: Jack Conway’s ad attacking Rand Paul

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  • dallas yankee

    I cant believe this, first Matt Lauer and then Chris Tingly ask hard questions of a Democrat running for office against a Republican, They almost sound like real reporters.

  • charm

    So Chris Tingly had a moment when the synapses in his brain fired for the right instead of for the left. We’ve seen these Chris Tingly episodes before, and you always know the dark side of Chris will be back. The question is does he get back on the lefty track himself or does someone do it for him?

  • whatmeworry59

    Why did he do it? Simple answer: It’s all they’ve got.

  • Lou

    Good for Chris Matthews for asking the right questions in this instance. I’m glad he did it on the lib MSNBC show. It shows libs just how stupid their lib candidate is. “Even Democrats don’t like this ad”. HAHA.

  • wallace1303

    Is anyone really watching PMSNBC?…and Who cares what Chris Tingles has to babble about anything?

  • truebearing

    This is hilarious, one of the idiots on MSNBC finally does something a real journalist is expected to do, and the leftist loons want to give him a Pulitzer.

    In their defense, they don’t see anything resembling journalism watching the Pravda clone media.

    • pink

      You just called the Daily Caller’s resident Tea Party promoter a leftist loon. Just how far to the right do you sit, anyway?

      • joltinjoe

        You certainly do not know what you are saying.

      • truebearing


        You aren’t as dumb as you are pretending to be, are you? It’s an act, right?

        I was commenting on your litter mates on the preceding page. LOL!!!

        I like Matthew, and there isn’t anything contextually that would indicate I was talking about him. Not only that, but why would I refer to him as “leftist loons”, which is plural, when I could just be specific and use his name? Duh

        As to how far right I am: sometimes when I stretch my arms to the side, I slap Attila the Hun in the face with my left hand.

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