Unaffiliated voters look to punish Dems for votes

A majority of unaffiliated voters believe that members of Congress who voted for the healthcare bill, the stimulus plan, and the auto industry bailout should be voted out of office in November, a new poll shows.

Sixty percent of likely voters who identified themselves as something other than Republican or Democrat think that incumbents who voted to bail out Chrysler and GM should not be reelected, and 59 percent feel the same way about incumbents who voted for healthcare or the stimulus, according to the Rasmussen poll.

The responses to these questions broke down along party lines. Republicans overwhelmingly think people who voted for these measures should not be reelected, Democrats think they should. But the large number of voters who identify as neither but agree with Republicans are one of the reasons why Democrats are in so much trouble less than two weeks ahead of the midterm election.

  • clw

    I didn’t vote for Obama, and I’m a conservative Independent, so it’s no surprise that I won’t be voting for liberals in the mid-terms. Having said that, let’s say that the liberals had NOT tanked the economy, and had NOT driven us off the unemployment cliff, or had NOT led us by the nose into record trillions of debt, etc., etc., let’s say they actually took the time to “read the bill”. Let’s say thay had actually done even a HALF-way decent job…

    STILL, if aaaaaallllll those things were true, and things were FINE, and I had heard Nancy Pelosi SMUGLY, and SMILING, and SNIDELY, and CONDESCENDINGLY say “they’ll have to PASS the bill to see what’s in it”, I would vote against her and spend every waking minute of every day encouraging others to vote against her as well.

    That kind of attitude is UN-acceptable!!! WHO does she think she is?!

  • paulnashtn

    I find it amazing the amount of kool-aide the democrats of this country will drink

    • Momma M

      And when their stained upper lip is obvious during election season, they’re confused…. go figure.

  • Momma M

    Seriously? Can these well-educated men and women of the 111th congress be THIS STUPID? Didn’t we try to warn them? Didn’t we ask them to slow down and consider the consequences… Not only to our nation, our health-care system, our private rights as citzens .. but the consequences THEY would suffer for ignoring us?

    Did they really think we were going to let this horrible session pass without repercussions? Let me, as a citizen send a public warning to the remaining members and to the rookies newly elected this coming November… DON’T BE STUPID ! Listen to your constituents ! Read the Constitution ! Take your oath SERIOUSLY, because WE DO ! This isn’t about you or your career.. It’s about us, our country and our future… Grow Up!

  • diamndgirl

    Oh NO….Say it isn’t so…must be Bush’s fault!