8 questions with ‘Twelfth Imam’ author Joel Rosenberg

3.  What is the gist of your novel and why should we want to read it?

The Twelfth Imam is the first in a series of three new political thrillers I’m writing. It follows the life of the Shirazi family, who escape out of Iran during the Islamic Revolution in 1979. They find asylum in the U.S. and raise three sons. One of those sons, David, is deeply affected by the terrorist attacks on America on 9/11. Enraged, he decides to join the CIA, hunt down Osama bin Laden, and bring his head home in a box. But by the time he is ready to be deployed, the CIA decides to send him not to Afghanistan or Pakistan but into Iran. His mission is to find previously unknown nuclear weapons sites and help the CIA sabotage them to keep Iran from getting the Bomb, and to keep the Israelis from launching a preemptive attack. Once he gets inside Iran, however, events start taking a bizarre and unnatural twist. Shirazi starts hearing strange rumors of an Islamic messiah already on the planet and about to reveal himself. What’s more, he begins to learn of how the Iranian regime’s obsession with the Twelfth Imam is a recipe for wars of annihilation against Israel, and then against the U.S.

4. Is it true that as mayor of Tehran, current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a grand avenue built in anticipation of the Mahdi’s return?

Ahmadinejad campaigned for mayor promising to prepare the way for the coming of the Twelfth Imam, but most of his significant accomplishments occurred after coming to power as president in the summer of 2005. He has spent millions to build roads leading to the Jamkaran Mosque, where the Twelfth Imam reportedly once appeared to a farmer and told him to build a mosque and intimated that he might return there one day to a well in the courtyard. Not all Shias believe this so-called messiah will return there, but Ahmadinejad does. As a result, millions of Shias have visited the mosque and like to write prayers and toss them down the well, hoping they are heard and answered.

  • truebearing

    This is at the core of the biggest threat to world peace, period. It is great that someone has finally taken on the risk to shine light on a religious sect that is the most radical in the history of human beings. Even other Muslims are afraid of these psychos.

    Thank you Joel for writing this book. Raising awareness of the nature of the Twelvers is essential, or our foreign policy and our defense is going to get caught flat footed, and will leave us unprepared, and needless to say, exceedingly vulnerable.

    For people who aren’t familiar with the Twelvers, they are similar to the Vikings, who believed that dying in battle was a way to get to their equivalent of heaven, Valhalla. The difference is that the Twelvers believe they have to bathe the entire world in blood to bring about the return of the Mahdi, or Twelth Imam.

    People who think the Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad are just posturing are fools and don’t understand this anthrocidal cult.

    • pink

      I always knew you weren’t able to distinguish fiction from reality.

      • tdpwells

        What did they say that is not true?

        It doesn’t matter whether you believe the story behind the Mahdi to be true or not, the point is that other people do, and for the portion of them that are quite keen on hastening the return of their hidden Imam, you’d damn well better be concerned. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, they do.

        If you are questioning whether or not there are Muslims out there who believe along the lines of the Twelvers, you’d be sorely mistaken. I have first hand knowledge that they do from a Muslim friend. The first time I had ever heard about them was from her.

        • PolyIndependent

          Where does it say it’s fiction? How about at the beginning of the interview:

          “Now, I’m a failed political consultant. But sometimes fiction has a way of capturing people’s imagination in a way that non-fiction doesn’t”

          • tdpwells

            So if someone makes up a story about an event involving Eskimos in Alaska that never happened, that means Eskimos don’t exist?

            My ‘they’ in the first line of my response to Pink was in reference to truebearing, not Rosenberg.

          • truebearing


            Not content to let pink make an ass of herself without you following suit?

            Fiction, as a literary genre, is not synonymous with untruth. I guess literature is a little too complicated a topic for you.

          • pink

            I know black is white and white is black and the crazier the theory the better in your world (especially if it includes crazed Muslims, landscapers, or Druids). But in the real world, fiction is not synonymous with fact.

          • truebearing

            And no one said it is, my dim little friend. I see you’re staying with stupid. Clearly you are more comfortable with stupidity.

      • tjd0hwo

        Instead of bomb throwing you may want to educate yourself. My suggestion is begin with reading “The Closing of the Muslim Mind by Robert Reilly”.

        It is a scholarly work – you should have no problem with the read.

      • truebearing

        LOL!!! pink, you’ve out done yourself, again! And here I thought you couldn’t get any dumber. You sure showed me.

        Let me explain something to you, and I’ll go real ssllllooooowwwww. Fiction, as a literary genre, is not equivalent to lying, nor does it mean that the subjects addressed are all somehow unreal. Fiction can be historically accurate, but seen through the eyes of characters that are fictitious, and dialogue that was created, not reported. Get it so far? I’ll wait………

        tdpwells did a great job of explaining that this is an issue of what Iran’s leadership believes, not what I believe. Their belief in the Twelth Imam is real and it is extremely dangerous. Read his comment several thousand times and maybe the sheer repitition will overcome your native stupidity and unwillingness to accept reality.

        Just because you are allergic to truth and pee your panties when it intrudes on your denial filled world is no reason to attack me. I didn’t start the evil cult. Grow up and face the truth.

        BTW, the last line in my comment was anticipatory of fools such as yourself and Polyester. Consider it personal recognition of your body of work.

    • JoeJ

      Oh no – it’s the Twelvers – why don’t all just slit our throats and get it over!

      Sorry – but isn’t this just more Zionist propaganda?

      After nine years of fruitless war – maybe we should just be Americans, come home and protect our actual boarders.

      • truebearing

        “Oh no – it’s the Twelvers – why don’t all just slit our throats and get it over!”

        Good plan! I’ll meet you in the usual spot. If I’m not there in five minutes, start without me!

        • JoeJ

          You so easily demonstrate the truism that death forever swirls around the Zionist mindset.

          • truebearing

            Hey, Idiot! it’s the deranged Muslims who believe in the Twelth Imam, and the need to start a blood bath to trigger his return, not Israelis or American Jews.

            I bet you think you’re pretty clever choosing the name “Joe” to hide the fact that you’re a bigoted fool of a Muslim. Clever as a screen door in a submarine.

          • truebearing

            “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in yo hand”? A little Jimi Hendrix humor for you…

            Seriously though, I figured out what the J stands for. It’s JIHAD! You’re Joey Jihad! Now I see the connection to your deranged anti-Israel rantings. You’re so clever! You sure fooled me, like a pig in a wig.

          • thephranc

            Thats right stormfront joe! You tell ’em!

        • JoeJ

          You’re Joey Jihad!

          You are grasping at straws – I am no more Muslim then you are – unlike you, I am 100% true blue American.

          I want to extricate America from our Middle East follies – follies that are not in our interest – follies that only bring us bitter fruit.

          Bring our troops home – they are hurting – nine years of war is to much – give them a worthy task that helps America – let them protect our real borders.

      • thephranc

        You tell ’em stormfront joe!

  • mark85

    Not a bad book but a better one is A Revolution by Dave Leonard. It’s a great read, I couldn’t put it down and I felt good about our country again…at least until I put the book down and had to face reality again.

  • monkeybird

    I’ve read Joel Rosenberg’s previous books, and he writes a great thriller. I can’t wait to read this one. I’ve often wondered about the details of the so called 12th Iman.

    His plot is obviously entirely possible in our dangerous world. People need to pay attention.