Jack Conway may have tipped brother off about drug investigation

Jack Conway, the Democratic attorney general of Kentucky who is running for U.S. Senate, says he was not involved in a recent criminal investigation involving his brother and drug trafficking.

But it appears he — along with other law enforcement officials — tipped his brother off about the investigation.

The campaign made a statement distancing Conway from his brother’s investigation in a Saturday story in Louisville’s Courier-Journal. The story was the first to disclose this summer’s drug probe.

In August, authorities decided not to file charges against Conway’s brother, Matthew Conway, according to the report.

The story notes how a supporter who overheard a narcotics detective speaking about the investigation alerted Jack Conway. Conway’s campaign says the attorney general subsequently aided his brother in getting an attorney.

The Courier-Journal also says two detectives accused of leaking the fact that an investigation was taking place to Matthew Conway have been placed on administrative leave until it’s determined whether they violated any policies.

After hearing rumors about the drug investigation last week, The Daily Caller placed a call to Matthew Conway’s office. He did not return a request for comment.

Jack Conway is running against Republican Rand Paul in November’s U.S. Senate election. His campaign did not immediately return an e-mail seeking elaboration Saturday as to whether Conway, as attorney general, took any steps to involve himself in the investigation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Btok/1827682258 Mark Btok

    What do you mean may have? Police Dectives confirmed the Tip off!

    Are you trying to protect these Conway scumbags?

    Conway at one point accused Rhand Paul of giving Drugs to minors, which was all lies!

    Now this scum bag Jack Conway is involved in things he was accusing other people of!

    Piece of Globalist trash!

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  • barnone

    Can’t wait for the next debate!

  • barnone

    That will be interesting in the next debate.

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  • dw

    Dear Matthew,

    Just a quick note to let you know you’re being investigated for some kind of drug activity.

    Any chance you or someone you know sold drugs to Rand? If not, could you maybe get one of your friends to say they did? I could use that right now.

    Let me know,

    P.S. Don’t let anyone know I told you about the investigation

    • gringott

      Ok thanks didn’t hear you when you told me. Ok? Heard some crap about Aqua Budda or something with Rand Paul, not sure exactly. I will keep quiet about your homosexual experimentation in college, just nip this investigation you didn’t tell me about in the bud. Thanks, say hi to Dad for me.

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  • Ryan.Iowa

    “Where’s the media coverage of this?” This is just another example of the Liberal bias of ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC. They couldn’t wait to drop kick George W. Bush from the race in 2000 with the DWI story 4 days before the election. Or Dan Rather, with his “Fake but accurate” reporting in 2004, which was nothing but an aborted attempt at a political hit on a sitting president.

    If the charge is true and Conway did this, the media should laugh him out of the race.

    • grayzel

      Ryan, I think the ” left wing media” as you have called it are way past just having a liberal slant. The alphabet media, “ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC,” and I would add PBS have become an arm of the DNC. I think there is enough evidence of that fact in the election of an unqualified, overrated community organizer that has no idea how to run the worlds largest corporation, the United States of America.

      • Ryan.Iowa

        I’m being very sarcastic… I totally get what you’re saying.

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