Does booster Bill Clinton ‘feel sorry for Jerry Brown’?

Last week, former President Bill Clinton urged thousands of San Jose rally attendees to vote for Democratic nominee Jerry Brown for California governor.

Though Clinton said at the October 18 rally that Brown has “always been on the positive side of change,” Clinton has not always been so enthusiastic about Brown’s political success.

“He raised taxes as governor of California, he had a surplus when he took office, and a deficit when he left. He doesn’t tell the people the truth,” Clinton told C-Span in 1992.

At the October 18 rally, which was held at San Jose State University, Clinton said that Brown “cares enough to want to be governor again … Any time he’s ever had a job like this, he’s held down costs and increased benefits.”

The Meg Whitman For Governor 2010 campaign has compiled video footage of Clinton criticizing Brown.

During the 1992 presidential race, Clinton said during a debate, “I feel sorry for Jerry Brown. I served with him as governor in the late ‘70s …You know, he reinvents himself every year or two.”

In the same debate, Clinton was asked if he would support Brown for president. Clinton’s response was, “of course not.”

The Brown campaign did not immediately return calls or emails for comment on Clinton’s contrasting statements.

Last week, the Brown for Governor 2010 released an ad comparing gubernatorial race rival Meg Whitman to current California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.