Tea Party Express leader wants Maes to drop out

The chairman of the Tea Party Express is calling on Republican Dan Maes to drop out of the Colorado gubernatorial race and back former GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo.

In announcing her endorsement of Tancredo, who is running as a third party candidate, Amy Kremer said “[i]t is time for Republican Dan Maes to end his campaign, endorse Mr. Tancredo, and do what is right and best for the people of Colorado.”

Tancredo has been active in Tea Party Express events. Kremer notes that he recently spoke at a Denver rally during one of the group’s past cross-country bus tour.

“Tom Tancredo has always been there for the constitutional conservative principles that drive the tea party movement, and I am honored to support him,” Kremer said, noting that the endorsement is personal because, as a federal PAC, the Tea Party Express does not make endorsements in state or local races.

Tancredo has recently surged in the polls as Republicans — turned off by ethics questions surrounding Maes — have jumped on board with Tancredo’s campaign.

Democrat John Hickenlooper leads Tancredo by just one point, according to a recent poll from a Republican firm. In that poll, Hickenlooper brought in 44 precent, Tancredo polled 43 percent and Maes has 9 percent.

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  • JDCampbell

    You have a candidate that was never supported by the Colorado GOP before or after he won the primary. The GOP expected McInnis to win. Since he didn’t the GOP refused to help Dan Maes in every aspect of his campaign including financial support. So you work hard to win your parties primary and then they turn around and stab you in the back.

  • brettrow

    The problem is if this guy does not drop out and endorse Tancredo he will likely get less than 10% of the vote anyway, hurting the GOP by designating them as not a major party for the next 2 elections. If he does drop out and endorse Tancredo, he will at least help Tancredo have a chance to win the seat, and that could be great for redistricting. My hunch, he is spiteful and wants to hurt the GOP and conservatives now that they have told him to take a hike. I have no confidence in this man to do anything right.