TheDC Election Outlook: $141 million down the drain for Whitman?

With a little over a week left before Election Day, things are looking increasingly dire for former eBay exec and Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman in California — and the $141.6 million of her own money she’s spent to beat Democrat Jerry Brown.

The latest poll, by Rasmussen, shows Brown with a six point lead.

Based on past election returns, it looks like at this point Whitman will have spent at least $30 per vote, only to lose.

Meanwhile, Democratic Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland appears to be leading a late surge in his for reelection.

In the latest CNN/Time poll, Strickland is leading by one point. That’s the first time he’s led in any poll since June.

Strickland is bringing President Obama and Vice President Biden to Ohio this week to gin up enthusiasm.

Former Republican congressman and Fox News host John Kasich will bring Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour to campaign for him.

Otherwise, the governors races are holding mostly steady. Republicans are predicted to win about 27 seats, Democrats 15. Eight others are tossups.

The governors race in Georgia should be considered a sleeper race for the Democrats.

Republican Rep. Nathan Deal is leading polls, but has less than 50 percent support in most of them. Some analysts are expecting a runoff race, which would take place if no candidate achieves 50 percent on Nov. 2.

A runoff race would allow two more weeks for impending ethics and financial issues to catch up with Deal.

At least four ethics complaints have been filed against Deal. Action by state authorities on any of them could hurt his candidacy.

Deal also faces an impending financial issue regarding loans he co-signed for a failed business run by his daughter and son-in-law. Deal’s house in Gainesville is for sale to help pay a $2.3 million business loan due in February.

  • westcon

    This election is so disappointing because Meg Whitman is probably the perfect candidate for the job. She hasn’t really taken any special interest money, yet her opponents campaign has been completely funded by Public Sector Unions, and Whitman has had Housekeepergate inappropriately thrown at her. It really is a shame how this campaign has fallen apart, but some of the blame has to be on her, because she spent so much money on ads that became obnoxious. Her consultant Mike Murphy doesn’t trust the polls and with good reason, she has apparently set up the greatest Republican get-out-the-vote effort that not only California, but America has ever seen. He says that she’ll likely win, and she has definitely reached out to constituencies that haven’t been reached out to before. She has campaign offices in Oakland, that are staffed full of African-American volunteers, she’s run ads and held events in Mandarin and Cantonese, she has Spanish language campaign offices set up in inner-city Los Angeles to reach out the Latino community. If she doesn’t make it, I hope the infrastructure she’s put in place will be maintained to help California Republicans in the future.

    Her voter operation may help Carly Fiorina defeat Barbara Boxer, a Democrat, who isn’t looking like she is in too good a shape. Carly is only about 2.5% behind and turnout can definitely win that election.

  • nomore

    I’m a native Californian and I agree that the majority of the electorate are morons and there should absolutely be no bail out. I’m sick over the possibility that Brown will be our governor because he will be standing on the handle of the toilet that flushes us into the sewer. I only stay for familial obligations but I’m not happy.

    • westcon

      Whenever Frank Luntz does a townhall style survey in California it is always apparent that it is the least informed and least engaged electorate in America. It is also bizzarly partisanly Democratic, all the while ALL of California’s problems have one root cause and that is liberal policies.

      I grew up in La Canada Flintridge, just 20 minutes out of Los Angeles, and I now live in Newport Beach, so I know how you feel. A GOP vote in California these days is more like a protest vote.

  • vintageautomobilia

    Jerry Brown is a LOSER. He was a failure in his first try as Governor; he was a failure as Mayor of Oakland, and he was a nothing as Attorney General. He is backed by the Teacher’s Union and the Public Employees Union. If California voters elect Jerry Brown, they deserve every terrible decision he will make. Governor Moonbeam will be another Grey Davis, only much worse. Unfortunately, Californians elected Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Finestein, Lois Kapps, Barack Obama, and the California State Legislature, so what can I expect but more of the same.

  • dahni

    Absolutely no Federal bailouts for California! Let them sink low enough, to reach rock bottom, with their ongoing arrogance and self-centeredness. The only people moving there now are Marijuana growers and Entitlement Voters.

  • wodiej

    let Californian’s drown in their stupidity. What a bunch of morons.

  • tatersalad

    Bill Clinton, Barack & Michelle Obama and every other liberal on the campaign trail now are enjoying large liberal, democratic crowds because everyone is OUT of work. How gullible are these people of California to show up to these events, clapping and yelling “We support you Oh Great One” then 30 minutes later they all have to leave to go get their unemployment checks video attached) or food stamps with the acutal un-employment rate at 22%. Pathetic!