Top U.S. brands favored by Democrats and Republicans


NEW YORK ( — Forget red states and blue states for a second. Is your brand a red brand or a blue brand?

Many of America’s top brands rate much higher among one political party or the other, according to an analysis of YouGov’s BrandIndex survey results.

Google is the top brand for Democrats, according to an index incorporating consumer impressions of its quality, its value, their satisfaction with it, its reputation, their willingness to recommend it and their general impression of it. Google doesn’t appear in Republicans’ top 10.

Republicans, on the other hand, rank Fox News tops; Fox News, perhaps not surprisingly, doesn’t appear on the list of Democrats’ favorite 10 brands.

JetBlue is the third-ranked airline brand among Democrats, but doesn’t crack the top five among Republicans, the BrandIndex analysis shows. Republicans rate Aflac among their top five insurers, while Democrats make room for Progressive.

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