Woman stomped by Rand Paul supporter

It is possible that Rand Paul never saw what happened.

A woman wearing a wig — who would later identify herself as Lauren Valle — attempted to approach him as he got out of his SUV to attend the final Kentucky Senate debate.

She was wrestled to the ground by Rand Paul supporters. After she was on the ground, one man wearing Rand Paul shirts and stickers put a foot on her shoulder and stomped.

Valle later appeared to be unharmed. She said she represented “Republicorp,” a fictitious company which is the brainchild of moveOn.org. She claimed that Republicorp was the merger between the Republican Party and corporate America.

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  • des1

    Just saw three lawyers discuss this case and all agreed that the guy who pulled her down did nothing wrong and will not face any charges or civil action. The guy who stomped on her shoulder (and might have caught her head in the process) is going to face 4th degree felony charges for excessive force. The psycho MoveOn troll has no hope for action against Paul or the event.

    And to the idiot (taliban?) who claimed she had a concussion…how stupid do you feel now that we know you were lying/too moronic to separate fact from fiction? Gotta love Liberals, they always can be counted on to say the dumbest things possible.

    • talibangelical

      Hi des1

      You just saw three lawyers…on TV? Well then it must be true! Whatever. Where did you hear/not hear about her medical status? Get the irony…doubt it.

      Don’t Tread On Me…unless you carry a sign I don’t like.

      Hypocrites being taken advantage of by multi-national corporations who love to let Tea Baggers do their dirty work. Enjoy your jobs at Wal Mart and Culver’s sell Chinese junk and chemical food. They sell their hate, you buy it all up. You drink their milkshake.

      • The_anniebanannie

        “Enjoy your jobs at Wal Mart and Culver’s sell Chinese junk and chemical food. They sell their hate, you buy it all up. You drink their milkshake.”

        Boy, once you memorize a catch phrase from axelrod, you really get the mileage out of it. However, no matter how many times you repeat this one, it’s still just as stupid.

        • talibangelical

          You drank my milkshake.

      • truebearing


        With all due respect, which is none, you’re a complete idiot. A ranting, frothing, commie fool that lives in a realm where the currency is Soros talking points, nihilism, delusion, and hate.

        Now STFU and get back to the deep fryer, customers are waiting. Oh,and stop using the cooking oil for your hair.

        • talibangelical

          You sound a bit hostile today. Everything okay?

      • des1

        You’re the idiot who said she had a concussion, right? If so, then where is your proof? Where did you get that quote from (or did you just make it up)?

        I explained in another post that it couldn’t be medically determined if she had a concussion that quickly, so I already knew it was a lie. Now, two days later, she herself says her injuries are limited to “being a little sore.”

        So you stated something as a fact on here that wasn’t even remotely accurate. You used it as part of your rant about how dangerous Conservatives and Tea Party folks were.

        So now that you’ve been proven a liar, just let us know….are you that stupid, or just dishonest?

        • talibangelical

          First of all, yes, I can be stupid. However, in this circumstance it is you misrepresenting me. Third, read it in Forbes online and the NY Post. Google it, pal. Will be waiting for your apology.

          • des1

            No apology here. You read something that was obviously wrong, then repeated it. If I got on here saying Obama was a Kenyan who liked having sex with goats because I read it on a blog somewhere, I doubt you’d be apologizing to me afterward.

            We’re all responsible for what we say. If you got it from a bad source, it’s up to you to do your fact-checking. If you think I don’t, you’re sadly mistaken.

  • The_anniebanannie

    bjt141 said:
    “And to be perfectly honest, I heard about the incident with the person having their foot stomped on from a liberal site that this site copied, see that site actually reports everything that happens. It is liberal, not gonna lie,”

    Why don’t you post the link to that liberal website so we can all go there and read the comments??

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  • des1

    BTW, since the DC has decided we don’t need any more news about this situation. From Gateway Pundit…

    MoveOn.org contract employee Lauren Valle stalked and lunged at Rand Paul outside the final debate last night.

    Valle, from Falmouth, Massachusetts, was tackled and stepped on by Paul supporters. The media will make this far left activist out to be a martyr today. We already know that. It certainly was over the line to put a shoe on her shoulder or head.

    But, Lauren knew exactly what she was doing. She’s had plenty of practice. She’s a professional leftist activist.

    Lauren was booked in May on felony charges.

    Luaren Valle was charged with the felony charges of Unauthorized Entry of a Critical Infrastructure and Unauthorized Entry of an Inhabited Dwelling…

    So an accused felon and professional activist wearing a wig and a hood covering her head rushed through a crowd toward a candidate she despised. And his people tackled her.

    Oh the horrors. Hey Liberal nitwit (whose name I won’t bother to learn since you won’t be here that long), would you care to ask us how many of our daughters and sisters are felons and would rush a political candidate while in disguise?

    • truebearing

      In short, the woman is a typical mentally ill, “useful idiot”, sent to do the left’s evil work.

      If they can’t win fair and square, they will go on missions of disruption, hoping to discredit the security or the supporters. These people are beneath contempt, and so are the low level reprobates sent here to defend them and disrupt the thread. SCUM.

    • pink

      So other violence against humans justifies the stomping of this woman. I get it. And you call liberals relativists. Nice demonstration of your Christianity, truebearing. Looks a lot more like jackbooted Nazism to me.

      • des1

        What part of “Felon wearing a wig and covering he head with a hood rushing toward the political candidate she despises” don’t you have a problem with?

        Again, the woman had no injuries and got all the attention she craved. The Paul supporters kept her from rushing him. Rand fired the guy who stepped on her shoulder.

        Where exactly is the bad?

      • truebearing

        Ah, my half-wit friend, pink. I saw the video and there was no stomping. If he had really stomped her, she wouldn’t have gotten up, and he would have been arrested. He put his foot on her and held her down, and given her reckless lunge towards Paul, he did the right thing. Who knows if she was another Squeaky Fromme.

        Don’t be so hysterical, it doesn’t blend well with the rest of your bitter, spiteful personality.

        • pink

          He very clearly stomped his foot on her head when she was already down. Nice rationalization, nice display of moral relativism, boys.

          I know you need to call me names because it makes you feel like more of a man, truebearing. It doesn’t hurt me in any way when you do, you know. It just makes me feel very sorry for you.

          • thephranc

            Did you skip high school health class?

          • des1

            No, he clearly stomped on her shoulder. He may have grazed her head, but a curb stomp is one of the most lethal attacks you can use against someone. She is complaining today that she is a little sore, but has no injuries and no visible marks.

            So quit with the hysteria.

          • truebearing

            Did your head get stomped pink? Is that why you’re so irrational and imbalanced?

          • hampton

            He stomped her shoulder, not her head. I get it. Much better. Can’t believe the lengths to which you guys go to defend this guy. I wouldn’t want to be a woman in your company. Who knows when I’d get what I deserve.

            I’ll praise Rand Paul for firing the thug.

          • des1

            How is it “defending him” to state the facts accurately? As usual, Liberals exaggerate or outright lie in order to bolster their case, and if you prove them to be liars they accuse you of hating women.

            Stupid is evidently a required condition for Liberalism.

    • loudog

      “Fox 41’s Bennett Haeberle witnessed the stomping incident. Tuesday on Fox News @ 4, he told anchor Elizabeth Woolsey that Rand Paul arrived about an hour before the debate was set to begin.

      His SUV pulled up, and Haeberle, referring to MoveOn.org activist Lauren Valle, says, “It looks from our video, I went back and watched it several times, it appears that she actually got next to the SUV and attempted to present him with that fake award. And then afterwards, a couple of the Paul supporters…restrained her and then it continued there, one lady saying there, ‘Get off, get off,’ and then you see the man’s foot stomp on Lauren Valley’s head.”


      Pretty weak, trying to justify violence/assault.

      • des1

        Why? The Left does it all the time.

        BTW, I haven’t seen a single person try to “justify” it. The guy who did it is facing prosecution, despite the fact that she doesn’t have a mark on her (and despite the fact that Kenneth Gladney has had to wait for over a year for justice with the severe injuries he sustained at the hands of two Liberals working for SEIU).

        Face it, you’re a hypocrite. You love the fact that this soon to be felon got exactly what she wanted. Attention and the chance to disparage the Right.

        • hampton

          I get it, if there’s no mark, it’s not assault. Very clever.

          • des1

            Did I say it wasn’t assault? Interesting that you have to lie about what I said in order to make an argument.

            Sounds pretty pathetic to me.

          • scorpioman

            des1, is he stealing your tricks?

      • The_anniebanannie

        Pretty weak trying to justify letting a crazy felon getting close enough to a candidate to do him harm.