Reducing government benefits unpopular with recipients

While Americans are unhappy with the level of government spending, a new poll shows that recipients of popular and expensive programs don’t want their benefits cut and highlights the problems that lawmakers are facing in reducing the deficit.

A Rasmussen poll released Wednesday showed that 63 percent of Americans receiving government aid “are not willing to consider any benefit reductions” in order to balance the budget. Of the people surveyed, 23 percent said they received government aid.

Seniors and low-income Americans are the largest demographic groups receiving federal aid. The three major entitlement programs – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – take up a large portion of the annual budget and cutting any of them will be hugely unpopular with beneficiaries.

Nonetheless, 83 percent of Americans believe that it is “at least somewhat likely” that government spending will need to be reduced in the next decade, and a majority of Americans suspect that one such program, Social Security, will not “be able to pay out all their promised retirement benefits during their lifetime.”

Voters, unsurprisingly, are not keen on the idea of paying higher taxes, even if it means having a budget deficit. Forty-one percent of Americans, a plurality, said that they would not have a problem with a budget deficit if it meant reducing taxes.

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  • georgiapeach

    This past school year, my son brought home a packet given to him at registration. This packet was a plethora of government services we were encouraged to sign up for. Personally, I was outraged. How dare they use the school as a defacto social services office.

    And as for Social Security, it is a joke. You can get social security benefits for being a drug addict, alcoholic, and having anger management issues.

    And for you liberals, my dog has better critical thinking skills than y’all. I would LOVE it if the government would quit taking from me and let me plan for my own future instead of thinking they are doing me a big favor, “saving” for me!

    Why won’t liberals allow for an opt out? Scared too many people would say I’ll take my chances? Let those of us who don’t want it, opt out, those who think that is the way to go, y’all double down.

  • clw

    Well that’s a shocker. This EXTRAORDINARILY LARGE Govt has been forcibly taking my money for Social Security and Medicare (among OTHER things) for 32 years and now I’m supposed to be all ‘playing nice’ about them going bankrupt (by the time I retire) and cutting back on seniors currently. What idiot is going to say that’s OK? The ONLY thing I would settle for is to be given back ALL of the money forcibly taken from me and repaid with generous interest! In a lump sum payout! NOW!

    • oldguy5

      Right on clw – as a senior I would agree with what you said. I would alos say they should give back to me all the payments made by my employer on my behalf as well. At least if I had control, when I die if there is anything left it would go to my heirs not some windbag politician.


  • JillianO

    “…a new poll shows that recipients of popular and expensive programs don’t want their benefits cut…”

    Not exactly a surprise. They have two choices – 1) Pare the benefits back to sustainable, or 2) Let the system collapse in fairly short order until nobody, even those who have paid taxes all their working years expecting to be paid, end up with nothing.

  • Momma M

    I don’t understand how Social Security can be lumped in with this group. Men and women paid into that system for decades – For most, if not ALL of their lives…

    While I certainly agree that SSI is greatly abused – with fraud/waste completely out of control….

    My angry is centered on generational welfare and foodstamps. I’m upset with never-ending unemployment “benefits”. THIS type of benefit needs to but CUT drastically and soon – or everyone will be broke !

  • Miguel Saavadera

    It amuses me that we have went from 32% to 48% on the government benefit soup wagon, and government wants to hire more, to get more on welfare, and more on food stamps?… and is ‘actively’ pursuing those efforts!

    Doesn’t any one understand this proclivity of being beholding to a ‘benevolent’ government gets you one thing? “Another day older and deeper in debt, … I owe my soul to the government store.” Giving up freedoms for benefits or security is not Democracy nor freedom. Where is America’s tipping point? A government that can give you things, can just as easily take them away …. so much for life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness.

    The United Kingdom experience this same ‘revolution’ when they reached fully 62% of their citizens on government jobs, you could not get the government to change, because they were all sucking at the hind teat of government.

    Democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure.” Tyler

  • gringott

    This is the same human instinct that liberal use when giving for charity, they don’t. They want the other guy to pay. That is what is behind ‘universal health care’ – the avocates want the other guy to pay. Something for nothing. Free lunch. They are too stupid to understand it will fail in the end.

  • Idahosauce

    Hey flipshit..how about if you are on the public dole, you don’t get to vote (you would only vote for more, more, more) .. Could you agree with that? I sure could.

  • flips

    Just like all the idiot Teabaggers who rail against “socialism” while enjoying their medicare and social security benefits.

    Socialism for me, but not for thee.

    Selfish greedheads, all of them.

    • pastiche

      Just like all the idiot liberals who rail against “logic” while enjoying the irrational belief of lunatics.

      Illogic for me, but not for thee.

      Pathetic perverts, all of them.