Jon Stewart’s Rally to Mock Likely Voters boasts all-star lineup


This Saturday, Jon Stewart will remind us how lucky we are that nobody wanted to make Big Daddy 2: Bigger & Daddier. He’s totally throwing a party on the National Mall to remind people who don’t like Glenn Beck that they don’t like Glenn Beck!

Jon is a talented guy, but even the most brilliant TV comedian pundit comedianpunditcomedian can’t fill up a whole afternoon just pulling faces and adjusting his tie. Who else is on the big lineup? The Christian Science Monitor has the schedule:

10:00 a.m.: The pre-pre-show begins with videos and music on the jumbotron to keep the gathering crowd friendly and entertained.

Noon: The pre-show starts with a performance from The Roots.

12:40: A comedian (to be determined) warms up the audience.

12:57: A video countdown with a show introduction.

1:00: The show kicks off with the national anthem by a musical guest (to be announced).

1:05: Mr. Stewart welcomes the crowd – whose projected size is ballooning daily. Currently, there are 200,000 sign-ups on the official Facebook page alone.

1:20: Mr. Colbert enters, and two actors – Don Novello and Sam Waterston – perform readings.

1:40: Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staple perform for 10 minutes, followed by Stewart and Colbert until 2 p.m.

2:15: Sheryl Crow performs for five minutes, followed by speakers and guests (to be determined).

2:30: Musical guests (also still being lined up) come on.

2:40: The show turns to a pre-taped sequence – The Sanity and Fear Awards.

I can’t believe they talked Sheryl Crow into performing in public again! That’s quite a get. It’s too bad Milli is dead, but maybe Vanilli will show up. Plus they got Father Guido Sarducci. Y’know, for the young people. Well, they’ve put this thing together in a hurry, so maybe they’re still making calls. At least we know they’re not afraid to reach across the aisle and invite noted right-wingers like Sam Waterston.

In other news on the Rally to Deplore Hannity:

  • Obama went on The Daily Show last night and Jon Stewart called him “dude.” Once the first thing is already happening, it’s too late to worry about the second thing.
  • Stewart told Larry King: “This is not a political rally in any way, shape or form.” Get it?? Also, right after the rally, Organizing for America needs volunteers for the Phone Bank to Restore Sanity at DNC HQ near the mall. The reason they’re doing this is because the rally is not political. Psyche! No, but seriously, it’s not. Wink.
  • Jason Linkins at HuffPo is unhappy with the people who are unhappy with the Rally to Remind the Stupid People That They’re Dumb. “It is too a good idea!”
  • Similarly, Ryan Kearney at has “A guide to the misguided criticism of the Stewart/Colbert rally.” Which implies that there’s such a thing as legitimate criticism of it, which there isn’t because you just don’t understand humor and/or politics. Also, shut up.
  • I started the #newrallynames hashtag on Twitter, so feel free to jump in. Iowahawk‘s contributions have been the best, because Iowahawk is the best.

Only two more days. OMG, brah, it’s gonna be so insane! Wait, no, the other thing.

P.S. William Ayers endorses Stewart/Colbert rallies. Well, then. Up until now I was skeptical!

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