Obama’s attempts to reach out to loyal supporters before midterms backfire

President Obama’s attempts to reach out to his most loyal supporters days before an important midterm election was intended to motivate them to vote for Democrats on Tuesday.

However, Obama looked defensive in an appearance on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” Wednesday. And while a White House sit-down with liberal bloggers produced a few softball questions, the session’s headline was that Obama remains opposed to government-sanctioned same-sex marriage.

The overall impression created is that a president in need of support from his base at a crucial moment in his presidency is instead under fire from them. It’s not a storyline that favors the White House.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs fielded a volley of questions at the regular White House briefing from reporters questioning the wisdom of the president’s trip to the set of Stewart’s show.

“I don’t have any regret, no,” Gibbs said when asked if he wished he had not advised the president to put himself in a situation where his answers were met more than once with laughter and his signature legislative accomplishment, the health care overhaul, was called “timid.”

“When the president gets to talk about what he’s done and sift through what people may or may not have heard … it’s a positive benefit. So I would think of it as a success,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs also sought to discredit the idea that the “Daily Show” appearance spoke to a larger dynamic at play.

“This overall notion of huge disappointment among Democratic voters is not matched in any of the empirical data,” Gibbs said.

Stephen Hess, a veteran of four different White House administrations, said that the criticism was predictable given the fact that Democrats are expected to lose their majority in the House by a large margin and to suffer major losses in the Senate.

“Whenever there is a wave election the party that is on the receiving end, the firing squad forms a circle,” Hess said, adding that advances in technology have given an administration’s critics a louder megaphone.

“All you have to do is get yourself a blog and you’re in business,” he said.

But Paul Light, of New York University, said that Obama had not compounded the problem with some of his verbal miscues on Stewart’s show, such as when he was asked whether his 2008 slogan – “Yes We Can” – was still operative.

“What I would say is, ‘Yes we can, but—“

Stewart interrupted him with a burst of incredulous laughter.

Obama looked surprised but continued his sentence: “—but it is not going to happen overnight.”

“You don’t create a base by starting with a statement like that,” Light said.

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  • ladylove

    see the real problem is Obama , the change he has brought about, is not the change the people who foolishly voted for him, expected.

    it is however the exact change people like me tried to warn those foolish voters, was going to happen.

  • recovered dem

    The headline should read, “Obama continues his comedy routine for 19 year olds,” and those who get their news from uber leftist/socialist comedian Stewart.

  • american10

    TRANSLATION: If Obama looses control of the powers who overlooked so many things about his eligibility to be President, a Titanic will sink!!!! The day after the inauguration of the new Congress, investigations must begin, with no-ONE above the law, including Holder, Obama and the rest of the conspirators!!! This should be handled no different than an invasion, attempting to overthrow the Constitution, they were EACH sworn to uphold and protect!!!! THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALS TO THEIR OATHS!!!!

  • unmutual

    The President has been reduced to dude.

  • baal

    I’m laughing at the superior intellect!

  • gringott

    Things could always get better for Obamao. The problem is that no policies or speeches can correct the problems caused by massive fraud in the underlying financial system. The Federal Reserve bailed out the corrupt banks, then altered the financial accounting rules to make it appear they are solvent. They aren’t, the fraudulent mortgages and securities built on them are still out there, rotting. That is why no jobs, and food and fuel keep going up. Until they take down BoA, Citibank, JP Morgan, and the CEOs on down go to trial, we will continue to have problems. The rule of law has been tossed for rule by Elites. The puppet Obamao can go on all the TV shows you can think of, he can listen to all the rap you want, but it can’t change economic and social truths – fraud is fraud, theft is theft, and rule by the decision and whims of unelected and unvetted Elite men and women rather than by the Constitution and elected representatives will end in Revolution.

    • ladylove

      viva the revolution’