Flood of Senate write-in candidates in Alaska

In a movement one pro-Sarah Palin website is calling “Operation Alaska Chaos,” at least 100 people filed paperwork Thursday to register as write-in candidates in the U.S. Senate election, according to the Division of Elections.

A stream of would-be senators filtered through the elections office in Midtown Anchorage late in the day, many saying the effort is meant to protest an order by the Alaska Supreme Court on Wednesday allowing a list of write-in candidates to be shown to voters who ask for assistance.

The court action is expected to aid Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s write-in bid and amounts to electioneering by the state, say supporters of Republican nominee Joe Miller. The idea of a mass registration is to create a long list of potential write-in choices and make it harder for voters to find Murkowski’s name.

Full Story: Alaska Politics Blog : (UPDATED) Senate write-in candidates flood Division of Elections | adn.com

  • Miguel Saavadera

    And I’ll wager there will be at least 10 with the last names of Muldonski, Malenski, Malkalshi, Monodovashi, Murrowski, Mandurayski, even Millerski … the M’s in those write-in list will be long and similar … Ya gotta to love it. I bet Murkowski is having a livin Cow!

  • Amazingoly

    Why does every picture of Lisa, look like someone is stepping on her foot?

    • Miguel Saavadera

      Because she is one ‘uphappy’ camper … She thinks she has a ‘right’ to this seat, and nothing, not even facts, or voters are going to stop the angry Bullette from returning to Washington.

      She is what Joy Behar calls people in moments of ‘endearment.’ You know, Buddies!

  • BMF

    I’m begining to wonder if Alaska is getting its Kool Aid from California.

    Do Alaskans really care more about the government pork dollars they get from the pockets of other Americans more than the governance of this country?

    It’s looking more and more that bridges to nowhere trump fiscal responsibility in Alaska.

    I’m also amazed at how quickly the courts are to change the election rules in the middle of the game, or in the case of Florida in 2000, after the election and recounts had been completed and a winner certified.

    I’m sure there are many warts in election laws that need to be fixed, but the time to do that is well before voting begins.

    It’s also a mystery to me why the courts think that proving that you are citizen of the United States in order to register to vote and proving you are who you say you are when you vote is unconstitutional. Sometimes I feel like I’m living on an alien planet–or maybe it’s that the aliens have taken over. Either way, the results are the same.