TheDC Interview: Meet Meghan McCain’s alter-ego — McCain Boobette

Like her or not, Meghan McCain is a newsmaker. Her columns at the Daily Beast are mystifyingly popular, her first book, “Dirty, Sexy Politics,” is a New York Times bestseller, and her tweets are heard ’round the world. McCain’s use of Twitter to rant about her critics, brag about trips to Vegas and post pictures of her cleavage hasn’t gone unnoticed.

McCain, who tweets under the handle @McCainBlogette finally got on someone’s last nerve, and thus the mock Twitter account @McCainBoobette was born. When the real Meghan McCain gets upset on Twitter, her impersonator isn’t far behind. When McCain responded to a FishbowlDC article about the new author snubbing D.C. bookstores on her tour, Boobette came out with a response of her own: “omg DC jernalists, U totlly want me & think Im important or else U wouldnt right about me, My mom said! st0p looking at my CLEAVAGE.”

The Daily Caller was lucky enough to sit down with @McCainBoobette for an interview:

TheDC: Hi Meghan! Thanks for chatting with me!

MM: hi, Im only chatting w/U because your hot, so your welcome

TheDC: I really do appreciate you taking some time off from your book tour to talk with me for a few minutes. How’s the tour been so far?

MM: Tttly awesome. My book is realy important becasue Im a young Republican woman and its been great to meet young ppl at signings who look up to me as a Leader

its really tiring though

TheDC: It was reported that you canceled one stop on the tour saying you were sick and then wound up tweeting from Las Vegas. What happened?

MM: whatEVER, thats just sexist DC reporters talking. No one knows what its like 2 be a young person, so what I played hookey. I love Vegas, you should go

TheDC: Is that the right kind of message to send to all the young people out there who look up to you?

MM: like their ever going to get a book deal LOL. but yeah, you dont understand how tough it is to stay in hotels and order room service on a book tour, and you have 2 travel and stuff, and its like alot of hardships. young people know about hardships & how ya just have to rock it out sometimes to deal with stress.

TheDC: It’s no secret that you have a lot of critics. What do you have to say to people who charge that you aren’t conservative enough?

MM: I say to that BRING IT. I know there really only saying it bcause of how I look, theres so much discrimination and h8 in the world. I represent Conservative values as a rebel, and critics just cant get those conundrums. Until they realize they are loosing all the cool, young voters, they wont get that they need to be like hipper. my critics also need to have more sex

TheDC: What about people who say you only have a platform because of your last name?

MM: Whatever, I know that Im out there being a voice for the unrepresented, and my mom & dad say Im great. It has nothing to do with names and labels. I hate labels except cool ones like Betsy Johnson and Chanel

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  • EmilyE

    I didn’t know McCainBoobette was still tweeting! I love him/her/it!!! The spelling/grammar mistakes are just SO MEGGIE, and Boobette captures perfectly her horrrrrible brattyness and stupidity. Glad to see Daily Caller is on the job, giving McCainBoobette some well-deserved publicity. (Love it when Boobette says “BEWBS.”)

  • Anonymous1010

    I wish some one would run against McCain, so he could be booted out!

    I think I’ll have my dog run next term, give McCain a run for his money.

    Him and his daughter are just to liberal.

  • Anonymous1010

    Children say the darnest things.

    You wish they were still five so you could put them over on your lap and spank them and send them to bed.

    But they are made to grow up and embarrass their parents.

    Some training just doesn’t stick. Your child just grows up to be an idiot.

    And there are other idiots made to follow.

  • sean_m

    Ah well… just another ‘celebrity’ trying to make a buck and persuade themselves that they are relevant.

  • Sonny119

    What else can one expect from a Liberal Feminist Nazi RINO, like Meghan McCain, who is just another Lisa Murkowski, and will always automatically attack anyone, who is an Actual Real Constitutional Conservative, who actually Defends and Upholds, the U.S. Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, EQUAL Justice, American Traditional Values, and the American Way of Life, that we, all True Patriotic Americans, value and cherish. We will always, be attacked by these Obama Liberal Socialist Marxists and Republican RINO’s, and that’s because they are showing their true nature, and where their real allegiance lies, as the Anti-American Arrogant, Elitist, Contemptuous, Belligerent, Repulsive, Repugnant, Bitter, Liberal Hate Mongering Zealots, and Demagogues, that they all are.!!
    I truly feel sorry for Sen. John McCain, as I respect his Military Service immensely, and I’m sure the thought of having such an Anti-America, Anti-Constitutional, Socialist Marxist Feminist Liberal Nazi, for a daughter, is such a disheartening and painful experience for him. As, with people like Meghan McCain, and her best buddy, the other Liberal feminist Nazi RINO, Lisa Murkowski, who are both extremely self-serving, self-absorbed, conceited, arrogant, narcissistic, and ego driven Liberals, who would NEVER answer the call to Duty, to serve their country, as her Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather, have ALL done, has she, and all her Liberal buddies, who only serve themselves, as all Liberals are.!!!
    That’s why I truly feel sorry for John McCain, as she has broken the line of True American Patriots, in their Family.

  • unmutual

    Meghan McCain is the Paris Hilton of political pundrity.

  • lollytyg

    Gag me with a spoon!