Election Day predictions from Greta Van Susteren, John Zogby, Dr. Laura and many more

D.C. insiders, political gurus, and American newsmakers offered The Daily Caller their pre-election predictions based on one question: What do you think the most surprising result will be when we wake up, post-election, on November 3rd?

Here is what they said:

Ed Crane — president of the Cato Institute:

“Barack Obama will still be president.”

Jennifer Rubin — Pajamas Media editor and blogger at Commentary’s Contentions:

“The most surprising result will be that we won’t know control of the Senate.”

Jim Treacher — resident blogger at The Daily Caller:

“The only thing that will surprise me is if liberals don’t huddle under Christine O’Donnell’s loss to shelter them from the GOP storm.”

Grover Norquist — president of Americans for Tax Reform:

“Unlike 1994, there will be both a Republican and a conservative majority in the House. Republican victories in state legislative and gubernatorial races will allow Republicans to control redistricting to add an additional twenty House seats to Tuesday night’s haul, good for the next decade. This election will certify the death of Keynesian economic theory (government tax and spending can stimulate the economy) just as the fall of the Berlin Wall confirmed the death of Marxist Leninism.”

Greta Van Susteren — Fox News host:

“All the recounts and/or legal challenges”

Dr. Laura Schlessinger — radio talk-show host:

“My biggest surprise in this election season would be to find out that all military votes were counted; votes from deceased and non-citizens and incarcerated felons were not counted; nobody filled out ballots in advance; unions did not threaten their constituents to vote a certain way; no television “news” service trumped up embarrassment for the candidate of their non-choice; conservative women candidates were not called bitches or whores; no candidates lied; no last minutes back-room deals were made and no monies changed hands for votes or endorsements; activist groups did not act hysterical about a gaffe to tarnish anyone’s character; nobody stood in front of polling places to intimidate potential voters; the people’s voices are heard.”

Herman Cain — former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, radio host, and potential 2012 presidential candidate:

“If Barney Frank loses and here is why. A few months ago Barney Frank was very arrogant about his chances of winning and today he is in a political fight of his life for the seat. Then, when you consider the fact that a long term incumbent Barney Frank had to loan his campaign money — in this late date — that says that even he is worried about getting re-elected.”

Ron Bonjean — partner with the public relations firm Singer Bonjean Strategies and the owner of The Bonjean Company:

“The most surprising thing is that America wakes up and now has a 50-50 Senate tie.”