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Mary Katharine Ham presents: Self-Deception

The Hammer went to the Jon Stewart rally, and all she got was this endlessly recursive funhouse mirror of irony:

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Webs got sewn, man! Baked Dude is right, MKH should totally do acid. Preferably, right before she talks to O’Reilly:

“Mary Katharine, I’m gonna let you talk for no more than 4 seconds before interrupting you. So whaddayou think about all this?”

“All I can tell you, Bill, is that your voice sounds like iridescent butterfly wings melting into a puddle of pure joy.”

Anyway, it’s always fun to watch people decrying in others what they hate most about themselves. My sole contribution to this was the title, Self-Deception, but I just realized an even better one: Projection.

For more in the same vein, here are a couple of other great rally reports (hat tip to Hot Air). First some lefties get the vapors:

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Then Steve Crowder is asked for his papers:

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That rally was the end of an era. Like Altamont, but without the good music.

P.S. Salman Rushdie: “I spoke to Jon Stewart about Yusuf Islam’s appearance. He said he was sorry it upset me, but really, it was plain that he was fine with it. Depressing.” Only if you expected better.

  • Mariano

    As for Cat/Yusuf: Overall, the issue is the unrepentant claims made by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam.

    He stated, “He must be killed. The Qur’an makes it clear” and affirmed it, “yeah, its there in the Qur’an. I couldn’t deny that” then reiterated it, “blasphemy, I could not tell a lie and confirmed that…the Qur’an considers it, without repentance, as a capital offense” and reinforced it, “blasphemy according to Islamic Law, I simply repeated the legal view” and further referenced, “Scriptural texts, based directly on historical commentaries of the Qur’an” and again, “Islamic view based on the Qur’an, the Prophet’s sayings (peace and blessings be upon him) and the rulings of the Caliphs and renowned schools of Islamic jurisprudence.”

    Research on this, including a timeline, is found at: