Food trucks coming to a street near you? Think again.

Where do we go from here? Clearly our cities could benefit greatly from a proliferation of food trucks. Regulations must be reduced to allow more permits to be issued, as well as provide food trucks with a greater flexibility in their choice of location, and thus their access to customers.

The resulting greater variety in foods will dramatically improve the gastronomical scene in the city, while boosting employment and economic opportunity. Brick-and-mortar restaurants will object to the new competition, but the response to them is simple: it is not the government’s job to block your competitors; if you want to succeed, make your food better or cheaper. As noted food writer Jonathan Gold says, “Great cooking always wins out.”

Jason Adkins is a staff attorney at the Institute for Justice. Therese Bart is an Institute for Justice law clerk and third-year student at the University of St. Thomas School of Law. For more information on government-imposed barriers to entrepreneurship, visit: www.ij.org/CityStudies.