Joe Scarborough on running for president: ‘You never know’

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In a conversation with John Meacham, Scarborough answers the age-old question, will you run for president?

  • DRM

    He’d get the stupid, drunk, fratboy vote, but that’s about it. I’m sure this squirrel answered the question seriously.

  • truebearing

    Joe’s brain is being destroyed by associating with the insane for too long.

  • sunnyr

    Bwaaaha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Come on!!!! Joe? President? lmao!! Never in a million freaking years!

  • opedanderson

    Im no Sarah Palin fan, but Joe’s constant bashing of her is such an obvious case of jealousy that it is embarassing to watch. As a conservative and a Republican he should be rejoicing in the work she has done in bringing excitement back to a party that was all but dead 2 years ago. And Joe doesnt have to agree with her politics to do that….but he does have to respect her efforts. And why won’t he?

    Joe is so full of himself and has such illusions of grandeur and self importance. The truth is that he has done nothing for the GOP and Sarah Palin has. Bottom line.

    Like if he ever read this, he would just dismiss me as a right wing extremist. I am not.

    Just because we disagree with you Joe does not make us extreme (or wrong)….

  • mariana

    Clearly, Joe’s suffering from “delusions of adequacy”. While he and Mika make fun of or rag every major Republican and/or anything they plan to do, he keeps on insisting he’s “Conservative”. Joe’s no RINO; he has become so “Progressive” that he’s Left of Mao. mariana